Best Techniques to Learn Algebra

Algebra is a branch of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations. Algebra consists of basic Math skills such as adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing. If you have mastered these skills of algebra then its easy to solve complex concepts of Algebra at the higher class.

The following steps can help in getting to know more about Algebra-

(i) Playing with numbers and variables – Once you are comfortable with numbers switch to the combination of variables which can be letters or symbols. These are just ways of showing numbers with unknown values.

Few common examples of variables used in algebra are-
Letters like a,b,c, x, y, z etc.
Universal constants such as pi = 3.14159.

(ii) Organizing long problem – Complicated problems can take many steps and have a maximum chance of error. However if organized properly, it would result in problem free solution. Keep your work organized by starting a new line every time you make a step toward solving your problem.

(iii) Solving long equation (BODMAS) –  After basic skills, you can go to higher level of solving techniques such as linear & Simultaneous equation solving them using substitution, elimination and cross elimination. The basic equation solving uses the Principle of BODMAS which decides the order of operation. It stands for “brackets of division, multiplication, addition, subtraction.”

For example –

[latex](25 + 30)\times 9 \div 3 + 6[/latex]
= [latex](55)\times 9 \div 3 + 6[/latex]                             (Solving Brackets)
= [latex](55)\times 3 + 6[/latex]                                       (First comes division)
= [latex]165 + 6[/latex]                                                    (Then Multiplication)
= [latex]171[/latex]                                                           (Last is addition)

(iv) Simplification of variables- It is to be noted in many equations that the variables of the same order appear more than once. Thus these variables can be added and subtracted and so on as they are of the same kind.

Such as 5x + 9y + 2x + 3z + x can be simplified to-
(5x +2x + x) + 9y + 3z
= 8x + 9y + 3z

(v) Practice more to have masterly skills – Practice is the key to success, the more you work the more you get. Once you start playing with a variable you will find it easy in calculating it in your mind and with fewer steps with error free results.

These are few important steps that would lead to understand Algebra in a better way. Algebraic expression, mainly variables seems to be hard but actually they are the replicate of the numbers. Following the above steps lead to the mastery in basic as well as complex algebra.Subscribe to Byju’s Youtube channel to explore more math related concepts-

About the Author: Shubham Arora, is an Engineer and Blogger by nature. He is currently working with Byju’s as a content writer inspiring thousands of students to fall in love with learning.

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