The best mobile games of 2022 for Android owners

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The most anticipated Android games in 2022

Like last year, the mobile market continues to bring game publishers the lion’s share of the revenue. However, direct sales of AAA projects cannot compare with regular donations from millions of gamers. That’s why even the top companies are trying to enter the mobile market, and if they already did – to get a foothold in it with famous titles.

Now we will tell you about potentially the best mobile android games of 2022, and you will understand what we mean. If you do not mind playing for money, then try online gambling sites in India, you will love it.

In this review, you will see such games:

  • Diablo Immortal;
  • Battlefield Mobile;
  • Path of Exile Mobile.

Diablo Immortal

diablo immortal android gameIt is a game Diablo fans didn’t ask for, but Blizzard was actively working on it anyway. What can you do? Money has been invested, and losing years of development because of thousands of disgruntled fans is not profitable. The more so that the noise has almost disappeared – the Diablo IV announcement brought back fans’ faith in the bright future. Yes, and the closed beta test left more positive emotions in users.

Journalists and other lucky people, who were able to touch the beta of Diablo Immortal, said that the style and atmosphere are transferred perfectly. The gameplay also caused pleasant emotions, although there were questions about the variety of content and balance. The android game is unlikely to be top-notch and breakthrough, but exciting and fun enough for millions of gamers to kill their time in it. We wait for the release and hope for the best.

Battlefield Mobile

The publisher is Electronic Arts; the American studio Industrial Toys is responsible for the development. Nothing extraordinary from this project is worth expecting – most likely, it will be a solid network shooter with the basic mechanics of Battlefield, without the frills.

But considering that the shooter genre on android mobile devices is widespread and the Battlefield series is always on everyone’s lips, this project will draw a huge audience. As for the gameplay, we will choose fighters from several classes, use military vehicles and enjoy the classic series of destruction. Judging by the first videos and screenshots, the graphics will not be top-notch, but the maps and sets will be recognizable, creating an attractive atmosphere.

Currently, there is an alpha test in the Philippines and Indonesia – it began in September 2021. The release is scheduled for 2022 unless, of course, something unforeseen happens.

Apex Legends Mobile

The android mobile version of the prevalent battle royal Apex Legends is already being tested. True, only in a narrow circle of lucky gamers who specially registered on the game’s official website. And only in the countries where Electronic Arts have allowed it.

What is already known about Apex Legends Mobile? It will have legendary characters, the ability to play in teams of up to three people, the matches will be shorter, the action will be much more noticeable, and the characters’ ability to come up with interesting strategies on the Battlefield. Cross-platform will not be; the project is exclusively mobile. The distribution model – is conditionally free, without pay-to-win, but with a donation for cosmetic items.

And best of all, the android game is not outsourced – the team of the original Apex Legends is working on it with the support of hired specialists in mobile game development.

Path of Exile Mobile

For over a year, the project’s official website has hung a page with the announcement of the mobile Path of Exile, but no news about the release. Instead, the developers only said they were working on an experimental android mobile version of the leading project and trying to ensure that the players got the original gaming experience.

Project: Ragnarök

The project is being developed on Unreal Engine, and first of all, it impresses with top-notch graphics, which look great even on android mobile devices. I doubt the system requirements will be too high, but it is too early to conclude.

According to the lore, we will find ourselves in a fantasy world on the eve of the apocalypse. We will be called to stop the world’s end and fight terrible monsters. We will meet numerous NPCs, explore different biomes (from ancient caves to city-states and deserts), climb rocks, tame mythical animals, fly, and admire the changing times of the day. The adventure will be unforgettable. At least it seems so.

Just Cause Mobile

At first sight, it seems an excellent idea to make the mobile shooter based on the Just Cause universe. After hearing the news about the android mobile version, players were hoping to see something like PUBG – a third-person shooter, on a large map, with flashy explosions and ample opportunities to interact with the surrounding world, which the Just Cause series is famous for.

But Square Enix went the other way and introduced a shooter with an overhead view. Yes, it will have a single-player campaign with exciting missions, multiplayer for 30 people, and co-op for four participants. But players met such a variation of the camera skeptically because the announcing trailer drowned in the dislikes. It is still unknown what fate awaits the project, but the first impression of it is not the best.

But still, this is a popular game, just like Aerostretching and Body Ballet. So we add it to our list.

The Division Mobile

We do not know anything about this android game. But Ubisoft still made a little announcement and stirred up intrigue. According to The Division’s roadmap, in the first place, they will release free Heartland for PC and consoles, and then will please the fans of Division 2 with new content, and only then will we see the mobile The Division. We still have to wait for the news – it’s not sure that the game will be released in 2022, but we will know at least some details shortly.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

android gamesLet’s say the project’s name may be completely different. Because at this time, we have only a guess based on minor spoilers from Activision Blizzard. For example, the company has been actively hiring specialists to work on the project, codenamed “WZM.” And in a statement to investors, its representatives mentioned: “a new android mobile project in the Call of Duty universe.”

Given the success of Call of Duty Mobile, we can assume that Activision Blizzard will want to take the lead in the genre of android mobile battles and introduce a well-designed analog of Warzone, especially since this battle royale is becoming more popular every month. We’ll be waiting for the news!

Valorant Mobile

Valorant has already broken into global eSports and gained a vast audience. So nothing is surprising in the desire of Riot Games to develop this game now on the mobile market. The more so that League of Legends: Wild Rift demonstrated perfectly and proved that the players need the portable version of their favorite toys.

There are no details about Valorant Mobile yet. The developers only briefly mentioned their desire to take the experience of the main game to mobile devices. They also know that the mobile version will not support cross-platform, and the gameplay remains close to the original but will still undergo small changes.

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