Best Lessons Learned From a Vacation without Reservations

People might think that planning a wedding and getting married is a big deal only for women, but the truth is that it’s as much of a big deal for men as it is for women.  Women may be worried about their dress fittings and table placements thinking that men have nothing to worry about, but they’re wrong.

Men have so many things to consider and sacrifices to make before they enter wedlock. When you’re married, you can no longer have those long weekends partying and drinking because you have to return home to the family and take care of the responsibilities residing on your shoulders. It’s not that men don’t like being married, but it’s just that it doesn’t involve the wild nights and enjoyment that single life encompasses.

Hence, stag parties are the only option a man has of enjoying and celebrating his full-fledged freedom before he surrenders himself to the joys of family life.

There are a couple of things that a man learns whilst celebrating the end of his bachelorhood.

It’s Never Too Late

A few days before your wedding, you start thinking about all the good times you’ve had with the guys. Sometimes, you’re so busy arranging the wedding with your fiancé that you even forget about the fact that your stag party never took place and it’s probably too late to plan one now.

Here’s where you’re wrong. You might underestimate the power of friendship that can arrange last-minute stag do’s for a proper goodbye to your bachelorhood. With a weekend of partying abroad with your friends and enjoying the true essence of being single, it’s really never too late for anything. Your friends will arrange a spectacular weekend loaded with memories dipped in friendship and quality time and all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Age is just a Number

Some might say that getting older means having more responsibilities and chores to take care of but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. You can’t stop having fun just because you’re over forty or in your late thirties. A healthy game of paintball on your stag weekend can make you feel younger than ever. There’s also quads biking to remind you of the good old college days along with bar crawling and a night brought to life by gorgeous women.

Beer biking is an all-time favorite activity among men of all ages. It’s one of the important stag do’s that remind you of the teamwork and energy that you have regardless of the hectic lifestyle you’re involved in these days. Drinking beer, whilst riding around the town is a great way to work up those teamwork values that have been suppressed for so long.

Toxicity can be Fun

It is true when people say that you can never have too much to drink. Getting wasted is one of the prime aspects of having a stag party. Drinking with friends and doing stuff that make you laugh and forget all your worries is always a good idea. The fact that you don’t have to remember all the wild things you did the previous night is the best relief that toxicity can offer.

There’s no stress or anxiety associated with your bar crawling as you’re doing it with your friends and no matter what happens, you’ll always end up safe in your hotel room because that’s what friends do. They make sure that you have a wonderful night out and continue attending parties until dawn or at least until you wear yourself out. That’s one of the many benefits that stag weekends have to offer.

Time makes everything fade away and it doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you’re financially stable or getting married for the third time, having a good moment with your friends can always make you realize how precious that point in time is. When you’re old and looking back at photographs of your party days, you’ll see a whole lot of memories captured in a frame of some random people drinking beer or playing paintball.

You’ll reminisce the awesome time that you had spent whilst celebrating the last part of your bachelorhood.

About the Author

Roger is a frequent traveler and enjoys visiting new places with his friends, along with being a successful writer. Though having a busy lifestyle,  he manages to make the best out of his Stag do’s abroad weekend holidays

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