Best American States To Be A Pharmacist

In the US, the median salary for a pharmacist is $118,219 per year. This can range from one city to city and state to state. Here is a look at the best states to be a Pharmacist in America;

1. Alabama
The city of Gadsden in Alabama was ranked the best for pharmacists. The city has a median salary of $134,530. Here is where there is the second lowest living costs, the pharmacists’ community is also quite solid in the area. Other than the working environment, the place has an elegant environment for relaxing. There is the Noccalula Falls Park, where the nature trails are present and also, there are some fishing tournaments, held at the Coosa Landing. Basically, the place is quite friendly for the pharmacists.

2. Minnesota
Another state that is good for the pharmacists is Minnesota, especially in the Rochester City. The city has a population of 107,000 people and among them, 330 are pharmacists. Another thing about Rochester is that it is the home of the popular Mayo Clinic. So basically, the pharmacists are in a good place to have a professional back up. There is a trail of 85 miles, which can be used for biking or hiking. This trail can work best for the pharmacists that need a recreation. The city itself is super elegant and acts as a good place for the sake of recreation. The city of Rochester is a place that has a high living cost, but it is a modest place and the median salary for the pharmacists if $132,920.

3. North Carolina
In the City of Greenville in North Carolina, there are several facilities such as strawberry picking, golfing, agritourism, fishing and go-kart racing. Basically, it is a place with lots and lots of amenities that will help for the sake of recreation. The pharmacists have a median salary of about $133,000 and they also enjoy a low living cost that is among the best in the country. Another thing that is known about the place is the most delicious and among the highest rated barbecue in the country.

4. South Carolina
This is another state that is quite friendly to the pharmacists. For instance, the city of Anderson, has a large number of pharmacists, even in America. There are about 260 pharmacist clinics in the area, so there is a good backup for them. The median salary of the pharmacists of about $125,200. You can enjoy some time outdoors, after long working hours and among them are some cultural and historical activities.

5. Missouri
This is another state that is highly rated, in terms of friendliness to the pharmacist. There are two cities in this state that have been considered among the best for pharmacists. They include Jackson and Cape Girardeau. In this state, the pharmacists enjoy a median salary of $128,500 and they also have a low living cost. The City of Jackson has a lot of parks that can act as a good place for recreation. There is more for the pharmacists, other than just good working conditions. They can enjoy the several amenities available.

These are the best states for pharmacists around and they pay the pharmacists well, which is a good motivator for them. Another aspect is that there is a good pharmacist’s community that form associations that support and protect them. There are also several clinics that play a role in offering job opportunities for the pharmacists. The living standards of the states are also quite friendly and they rank among the best in the country. Some of the cities in these states have also been ranked as the best places for the pharmacist in America. Generally, the working conditions are reliable and they will enjoy the living standards, which plays a huge role in uniting the pharmacists.

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