Benefits of Reading

Reading forms an important part of our lives. After all, we need it all day, everyday to perform our daily routines, whether it be work, school or just plain chilling out with friends. Reading has a lot of benefits that you should know about.

Reading makes your brain more active, because you constantly take in new information and store it. It improves your memory because your “memory muscles” are constantly being flexed. This in turn improves your vocabulary, concentration and focus; thus making you smarter, see what I’m getting at?

Reading also broadens your mind to new cultures and places, making you a more open-minded person.

People don’t read because they think that it’s boring or they think that they’re too macho to read, and I’ve never understood this mentality. What’s so bad about broadening your horizons?

On average, smarter people are generally or used to be avid readers.

When you pick up a book, you can envision events like you want them to play out, instead of

relying on a director telling actors what they want to see. Special effects re even better when you imagine them, because the human imagination trumps even the best cosmetic and digital artists. You discover things that you never knew about when reading. Even if you don’t like reading, chances are that there are many books that have been written or are in the process of being written that are about subjects that interest you.

Reading skills are integral in everyone’s everyday lives, and reading even a few pages of a book each week can help you in the aspects mentioned above, such as when you need to read questions in your exams or if you need to read and analyze documents for work.

Reading is also a magical cure for boredom and stress for me, it helps me wind down after a bad day, just by knowing that the characters troubles are far greater than mine, but they can overcome them.

Reading fiction immerses you in someone else’s world, and you get to know the characters and understand their troubles. Valuable life skills and advice can also be gleaned by reading fiction.

Books and reading can teach you many valuable lessons, an autobiography let’s you know more about important people, their troubles and how they overcame them, and how you can avoid them.

So, guys and girls, pick up a book today and read it. You never know, you’ll maybe learn something, gain advice or just relax and wind down.

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