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I am back to Manipal – yet again. I seriously cant believe how fast time flies while you’re here. It as though Manipal is its own dimension of the very fabric of reality. I’m back to my lonely, sad, insect-infested cubicle. I refuse to refer to it as a room  because it seems to be serving as a sauna.

Summer has arrived in Manipal again. Where are the freaking mangoes?? The sweet Indian Mangoes are truly one of a kind. In Malaysia, there is no such thing as summer or as monsoon. Its practically the same thing day in and day out through out the year.But in Manipal, the mangoes compensate for the scorching sun and to make up for all the rain, the cool gloomy air makes your bed like a drop of the clouds of heaven Moving on, back to life in all seriousness.

The first week has passed. SO many drugs, soo many organisms, so little time, even lesser discipline =( Lol. Manipal is truly a great place to study – it offers quality education,MARENA! ROCKS,  the night life is pretty happening, there are many interesting places to visit nearby.

Sad to say, my time here is running out with just a year left. As much as I would love to, I wouldnt want to be held back here. So that’s all for now. Hope to update soon. Cheers.

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