The lost friend

“I’m not running away from my problems. I’ll face them. I’m not moving out of my room,” I said. First sessionals were looming large and I was desperately trying to get over the fact that my roomie had fallen prey […]

girls cry

The bereaved

Lying on my back in the middle of my grandma’s paddy fields, I stared at the sky. I was so lost that the fat mosquitoes sucking my blood didn’t bother me. The sky looked like a beautiful bride, covered with […]


Say cheese!

“Takk,” said the sweet Icelandic man. The American lady was wondering why the man was asking her to talk. How would she know that was the word for ‘thank you’ in Icelandic? 6,900 different languages are spoken across the world. […]


Growing up…

Tiny little jewels fell from the sky. The air was chilly. Holding a cup of streaming hot coffee, I looked down from my window. People were running into their hostel buildings and opening their umbrellas. The smell of wet earth […]