At The End Point-once again

Its not just the beauty that you will enjoy at ‘The End Point’ but it is the peace of mind that relaxes you and pulls out all the stress and worries accumulated in your mind over a period of time.

I went there yesterday with my room mate Dr Jwalit on a spot decision while returning from the ‘Hangyo’ after having a sizzler ice cream!Atmosphere was just too perfect.Evening 5 30 with cloudy atmosphere and cool but soft wind tenderly touching your skin.Anyone will want to get lost somewhere deep inside the nature just not to return ever!!Previously I used to be a frequent visitor with Dr Vishaal even if heavy rain or bright sunlight says us other way round.

As happens usually at end point, some future uncertainties flew out of our mind as regards to where we settle, what really will be our work structure and etc.Jwalit , having developed high level of maturity is also facing thoughts of future uncertainties which arise out of long and mature thinking!!

Well, there are no guidelines of course so as to when to start thinking about future plans and how deep a thought to be given but don’t miss to enjoy the essence of present for an uncertain and unknown future.

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