Astrology helpful with love on Valentine’s Day: Manipal Akka

Q: Dear Manipal Akka, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Can Astrology tell me something about what to do?  – Lovestruck Lambadan in Manipal on 13th Feb 2012.

Astrology helpful with love on valentine's day: manipal akka 1
Astrology Or Not... Don;T Overlook What Is In Front Of Your Eyes

Manipal Akka Answers:

Valentine‘s Day is today,and every couple in the Manipal is preparing for this special and significant day. Whatever a person’s budget may be, thousands of dollars will be spent on roses, clothing, chocolates, stuffed animals, sex toys, body oils, whips, chains, lingerie, assorted condoms (trust me, I’ve cleaned stuff from your rooms), perfumes, cologne and jewelery.

Still, the most important gift of them all will be the luxurious engagement rings. Among the precious and valuable gifts exchanged on Valentine‘s Day the curiosity of some to know the future of their relationships, as well as what may be on the minds of their boyfriends or girlfriends.

This is when some couples call on astrologers for counselling. The study of astrology helps the psychic to predict human affairs regardless of the age, race, gender or lifestyle.

Well, I’m no astrologer or psychic, but I’ve done some reading from the trash you guys throw out in the hostels of Manipal and here are my Two Rupee thoughts on whether Astrology is helpful with love on Valentine’s Day.

The psychic reading is done using the positions of the sun, moon, planets and stars on where astrological signs (say, Leo or Aries) are in the sky. The curiosity to know the future of whether a person will be rich or poor, or who a person is going to end up marrying, and whether two people will be a compatible couple or not, usually drives most girls to astrologers.

Walter Mercado, a renowned astrologer said, “Love dominates and makes the world go round.”

According to Mercado, there are 12 signs which fall under four categories: fire, earth, water, and air. However, only some signs are compatible. Once two people in love have determined the positive and negative links between each other, they’ ll know what to stress and what to overlook. Learning more about ourselves can help us balance this load because it builds self-confidence and self-esteem.

So basically, Love will find you, no matter whether you believe in Astrology or not. Take the most of what you find and stop fussing about things which you cannot control.

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