Are you a Gentleman?

1. A gentleman, young or old, does not burp loudly, blow his nose without a handkerchief and does not spit when on the street.

2. A gentleman does not scratch various parts of his body or make (unconscious) bodily adjustments to his person.

3. A gentleman does not pick his nose in public or use toothpicks in public.

4. A gentleman does not loiter on street corners or lean against buildings and call out to unknown women who are minding their own business.

5. A gentleman does not undress women with his eyes when communicating with them.

6. If the boat is sinking, or there is a fire, women and children must leave first. If, however, there is a bandit outside then of course, the man should face him first.

A gentleman, young or old, does not burp loudly.
Photo Source: How to Eat a Cupcake Like a Gentleman

7. Gentlemen should open car doors for ladies (ladies, fumble with your shoe, drop your handbag, but stay seated until he comes around to let you out of that front seat). I hope that you will not remain locked in the car.

8. Gentlemen, when walking on the street with your lady, make sure she walks on the inside. You walk on the outside. This is to make sure that if a vehicle mounts the curb it will bounce you first.

9. When walking up the stairs, gentlemen, walk behind the ladies, and when walking down the stairs, gentlemen, walk in front. Most of you will agree with this, because it stands to reason if ladies slip and fall, they will fall on top of you.

10. Gentlemen, please jump to your feet when ladies enter the room, or approach your table in a restaurant. This will certainly capture their attention and make them give you a second look. Besides, guys look better standing up than sitting down and slouching around.

11. Please pull out the chair for the lady on your right and, if necessary the lady on your left (because Mr Piggy on her left may already be seated and slurping his soup), before you seat yourself.

12. If you are on a date at a restaurant, make sure you can afford the restaurant, so check it out first and know you may not ask her for some small change to help with the tip. And no, you do not go Dutch on the first date-unless there was such an agreement in general discussion and is not really a date-date.


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