Are Men or Women Better at Poker?

The game of poker is based on risk and skill. To many, this sounds like the ultimate level playing field. Others may not think that this is so true. When it comes to playing poker, some believe that men and women play different from one another. Others take this a step further and think that one sex may perform better than the other. Understanding some of the stereotypes and beliefs about poker can help understand the attitudes about the best poker players being men or women.

Traditionally a man’s world

Traditionally, poker was played by men. Even today, when you go to a casino, you are more likely to see more men than women sitting at a poker table. Before the modern era, card rooms and casinos were for men. Women only came for the occasional drink or if they were a part of entertaining. Men have been encouraged to play poker much more than women have, which can lead to some of the attitudes saying that men are better poker players. Experience is indeed a large part of the game of poker, however with women now able to play; this old saying may be going out the window.

Men and women personalities

Another reason why some may think that one sex plays poker better than the other is the characteristics assigned to each sex. A lot of the traits that individuals use to describe men are more logical and for women, more emotional. When it comes to playing poker, logic is a skill that is necessary for use to tell what is going on at the table and win hands. Men are also aggressive players, which is a great skill to have at a poker table full of risks. Many men play poker based on logic and skill, which are all necessary components to winning poker games. However, these may not be the only components that a person can use to be good at poker.

Women’s intuition

One of the things that people forget is that emotion leads to gut feelings. The ability for women to use their intuition to tell them what is going on is an invaluable resource at the poker table. Since you never honestly know what is in another player’s hand, you can only go by intuition for the game at times. Women also often try to figure other individuals out emotionally. They may try to tune in to another person’s actions and body language to assist in figuring out the next steps to take. This can ultimately help to win hands of poker.

Not about sex

Ultimately, playing poker is less about sex and more about skills. Men and women may use different skills to help them at the poker table; however, the winner will largely not depend on sex, but how well these skills are employed. With more and more women beginning to play games of poker, the lines between women and men poker player are likely to become more and more blurred.

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