Are High Heels Safe during Pregnancy?

Your Jimmy Choos are beckoning; you know they’d be perfect with your new maternity dress. But are your high heels safe during pregnancy?

As your pregnancy progresses you gain more weight, your pelvis changes shape, and your center of gravity shifts, all of which cause you to be less stable on your feet. Teetering around on high heels will only increase your unsteadiness and could cause you to fall. Falls are more common during pregnancy and they have more potentially dangerous consequences, such as placental abruption, which can cause vaginal bleeding and put your baby and the pregnancy at risk. In addition, you’ll probably be less comfortable in high heels as your pregnancy progresses, due to the extra weight, aching back, and swollen feet.

Many experts recommend putting the heels in the back of the closet and donning a comfortable – and safe – pair of flats beginning around week 25. After all, what’s more important: fashion or safety?

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