Android or Blackberry – Does it really matter?

The Mobile OS war between Google and the rest
Does it really matter which OS you use?

Welcome to the world of ‘smart’ people with ‘smart’ Phones. When we talk of smart phones all we can think of is Blackberry, Android and iPhones. These smart phones are pretty much content in their respective target markets. For time being, let’s keep iPhones out of this equation to meet the demands of title of this article. Now we are left with Android and Blackberry.


The mobile os war between google and the rest
Does It Really Matter Which Os You Use?

The smart phones war is steadily picking up over the past few years. Blackberry maybe the long time undisputed champions when it comes to mobile email and its business friendly nature, but Android is ‘in’; and with an app market that boasts over million apps available free of cost. You would find almost every kid in the block flaunting his Blackberry and his BB pin on Facebook. Yeah! That’s the ‘kewl’ factor as well. So what does Android have to offer? Well, apart from its huge database of free apps, there is nothing much on the platter differentiating it from its smart counterpart. But Android does have a ‘Whatsapp’, an app developed to rival Blackberry’s Messenger services which is free for a year and then the members have an option to buy the app for a few dollars. Also Android phones come with tons of other features, a big touch screen, all at a nominal price.


The only flaw with the Android phone is its relatively less battery life, compared to the meagre battery consumption in Blackberry. Blackberry loyalists would have their own respective reasons to defend their choice of phone and same is the case with DroidDudes. Personally, I don’t see an end to this smart phone battle anytime soon. Blackberry stands good where it was and still is, while Google is trying everything to throw away its goody Droid at the socially hungry youth market. Android also announced recently that it would be coming up with a messenger service of its own in the coming days. Well that’s it from my side for now. It’s your choice which side you want to take- The Blackberry or the Android. The battle continues.

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