An Ode to Love – Virtually There:V5


Clouds had set. Cool breeze. Sun was sneaking out to tell me-“dude, it’s still the evening!” In no time, there was a big rainbow. Right in front of me. I wanted to pull it down, scribble your name in it, put it back in the sky, and let the world see it!

Welcome to Virtually There (VT) – V5, version five, time to fall in love!

In this sophisticated era, where the masks play wider role than the one’s face, I took no time to see your eyes. Dark brown eyes. It had the magic. Your childishness never allowed you to don the masks and enter the cruel world. You had hid it in your curious eyes. I saw the vision. Time had come to prove that the love is not blind!An ode to love - virtually there:v5 1

You came in front, left before I could even blink. You were not like a lightning, but like mesmerizing music, hearing to it, I always wanted to get lost in this world. Hearing to it, I could be in bliss. Hearing to it, I could sing all my life. Hearing to it, I can fly off from where I am. Hearing to it, I can render colors to rainbow. Hearing to it, I can script a special place for you!

Like earlier versions, I thought of defining V5. Are you kidding me? Love has no definition, so does V5!

Those moments which you made me feel special is not the definition. Those sweet talks or petty fights also won’t define it. It’s much more than that. It’s like trying to find the origin of a river. I can never define, nor can anyone. Only versions can be provided and so goes this one!

I follow your footsteps..

It’s not elusive today..

Love is not blind anymore..

A rose at a distance is bright..

Like the vibrant sun of future..

My reflection in the stagnant waters..

Is the flavor of your flowing footsteps..

Feeling happy is the purpose of love. Feeling content is the purpose of love. Feeling blessed is the purpose of love. Exploring one’s soul is purpose of love. Living the life is purpose of love. I can only discuss the purpose, I can never show it to you in this version, like I always and can only feel your continuous support and love for my different experiments!

I can just be thankful. I can just look at you. I can just be in love!

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