An Evening At Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins near INOX Manipal

“One coffee anna, keep the sugar low, make it as strong as possible.” “why are you late? Any specific reason? You can enter the class but no attendance will be given.” “I don’t want to eat food here; I want to go back home.” “why can’t I run away from all this.” “I need sleep, I NEED A BREAK.” This is how our daily routine starts. Waking up in the morning, going to class, loads of assignment to complete, stress of exams nearing, being lazy, sleep depriving ourselves, not eating enough food, etc. has become a way of living here. The ManipalBlog team decided to take a break, break from all this and enjoy an evening at Baskin Robbins near Inox Manipal.

An Evening at Baskin Robbins

We, at do more than just write and photograph Manipal. We have fun at some of the most amazing places in Manipal! Recently in a team outing at Baskin Robbins NEAR INOX we visited the Ice Cream Parlour and had a chat with Mr. Arun DsouzaHere's how it went!

Posted by on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Starting our evening by going to a wrong shop (like that’s something new for us), we finally ended up where we were supposed to go. Talking to the staff members, taking interviews and ruining it up almost 2—3 times before completing it was fun in itself. Selfie sessions, photographers obsessed with their obsession of clicking everything they see, crazy ways of choosing ice-cream flavors, everyone treating over other’s ice-creams not only brought us joy but was a stress reliever too.

We weren’t just eating ice-creams; we were reliving the memories of childhood. It was like living all those moments from the beginning to our reunion, from boring life to the break we needed, from being born to being reborn again. It was a break we needed the most. It was our way of celebrating an awesome evening at Baskin Robbins…

Stay tuned for for the interviews… Dropping soon!

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