An Alumnus lists 15 Things Only Manipalites Do!

For Freshers in Manipal, You have a lot to learn, a lot more to explore!
Manipal is an enigma. The odd twenty square kilometres hides more than it reveals. The joy is in exploring.

Unlike any other small or big city college campus, Manipal has always stood out in the crowd (for various reasons). Manipal can be called as the cultural hub of India, you find people from all over world like USA, UK, Kenya, The Middle East, Malaysia (aka the LA-LA land), Seychelles and so many more countries.

A Manipalite does a LOT more than just studying, actually more than studying you will find people doing the following things:

1. Hanging out at Dollops or the restaurant with that loud non-stop hip-hop music called Snack Shack.

Dollops Manipal Restaurant

2. You will see the KMC guys having a smoke near Student’s Point, while the WGSHA, MIT and MIC guys are always sitting at Sheela’s with one smoke and a Rs. 5 lime juice in their hands.

3. We all love ordering food after 12 in the night from places like Planet Cafe, Hot and Spicy or Spicy and Ice.

4. You see guys and girls wearing mundu and white sarees on Onam heading toward Valley View or Kerala hotel (Sadly not open these days – Ed) for Sadya.

5. When you hear names of clubs likes Enigma and Blue Waters your legs start shaking automatically and the best part about all the clubs is that the entry for chicks is free 😀 (Again something freshers may never experience – Ed).

6. Oh!  Yeah! And how can I forget to mention DeeTee… that is THE place where you get good booze, good food and most importantly really good music (not happening anymore – Ed) and the dim lighting make it even better… THIS PLACE IS LEGENDARY… if our attendance for DeeTee could have got counted with our classes then nobody would ever have a shortage… lol.

7. The funniest part is when someone’s folks walk around Manipal and they see all these places like Sheela’s, Open Bar (Does this still exist? – Ed) and the worst of all when they see couples making out in KMC greens, I’m sure they would never ever send their kids to study here… ha-ha… or if their kid is already studying there then he comes under severe surveillance (true story… happened to someone I know… lol )

8. And yes the KMC library which is the largest library in Asia is actually more of a socializing center, couples come here to have coffee and sit around whereas single guys just come to check out the chicks and buy them free drinks from CCD and some people just come with the plain intention of enjoying the AC… lol!

9. You will see all these MIT guys wearing these khaki coloured pants and shirts and roaming around like those useless auto drivers (no offence to anyone)… but actually it’s their workshop clothes!

10. In Manipal you carry an umbrella all the time cause you don’t know when it starts pouring and even if it’s not pouring you need it to save yourself from the blazing sun.

11. Though as a student we get the advantage of getting free treatment in the KMC hospital but my friends as we know nothing in this world is free so since treatment is free we become guinea pigs for them, like if you have a small thing like stomach ache these docs and interns make you go through unwanted tests for no reason, and did I tell you that they put a plaster even for a sprain also… lol ( it happened to me!) and am saying this despite being in the medical field!

12. Events like Utsav, Paralon, Vibes, TechTatva,Revels etc , create so much of excitement in the air and yes, How can I forget the food and beer fests organised by WGSHA people.

13. Only in Manipal you see people cutting grass in a particular design at the KMC Greens which gets spoilt after 3 days. ( I still don’t get whats the point).

14. Having cheese omelette and chocolate milkshake for breakfast at Vikram’s is an amazing feeling… they give you the best cheese omelette in the world, oh! and chilli Maggi too……

15. And don’t forget about End Point… huge football and cricket grounds on one side and those pretty gazebos on the other side is a beautiful place to connect yourself with nature.

This list can go on and on, but, I guess the fun is to experience all dis by yourself and share your  thoughts with us!!

About the Author: Pragya is an alumnus of Manipal University.


    • Well you have different degrees of sprain and the serves types can mimic a fracture which means you cant even stand on your ….so you need to go to the hospital and rule out the possibility of a fracture and get proper medications….i hope this clears out your doubt.

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