AITA to file PIL demanding better leaking conditions

The All India Tear Association (AITA) has filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) demanding “better leaking condition” and “legal restrain” on their working conditions.

“Since having liberalized the Indian economy, exposure to the West has increased. The proclivity to ape the West to tout modernity has caused the overuse of the Tear glands, and tears. This has resulted in the deterioration of our [tears and tear glands] quality,” the PIL said.

The move comes after AITA’s call for legislation in the last parliament session was gone unheard. They’ve also threatened unilateral measures such as strike if their litigation is not taken care of properly.Baby Tears

“We can’t bloody do this anymore! There’s a limit! And this is it! We demand better leaking conditions!” Leucine Enkephalin, chairperson of AITA, burst out in the press conference outlining future course of actions AITA would opt for.

Several top placed officials have expressed extreme concern. The Ministry of Health is proposing a crack down on TV serials that make up most of the tear-related cases, a top placed official told this correspondent.

“The situation is concerning. If the tear glands and tears go on a strike, it’d have far-reaching repercussions. After all, it’s like the only language infants know- and we’ve a lot of them in this country!” the official said on condition of anonymity adding “we’re proposing a crack down on TV Serials.”


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