AIDS Candlelight memorial at KMC Food-Court

Spreading the lights of respect and tribute

AIDS candlelight memorial held on 20th of May to remember all those who left this world struggling with AIDS. The objective was to create awareness, reduce the stigma attached with it, increase resources and to promote the involvement of people.

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AIDS Candlelight Memorial

It was organized as a part of International chain event of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association) by the Student members of KMC, Manipal.

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Candlelights arranged to represent AIDS symbol

HIV-related stigma and discrimination severely hamper efforts to effectively fight the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

Both Students and Outsiders actively participated in the event

The organizing team also distributed the symbolic red ribbons. More than 200 individuals participated in the event.

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The AIDS symbol grew with more people coming in


Everyone joined hands to pay tribute and respect


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Spreading the light


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Promoting health and Dignity together


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The event successfully got the focus of everyone


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Spreading the lights of respect and tribute

The Organizing Committee members were – Chairman : Abhinav Menon, Vice Chairperson : Mitha Naik, President South Zone – Vivek Joseph.

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Students from all courses came out in support

The organizing committee did a wonderful job and made sure that of the event to be a grand success not just for themselves but the for the people suffering from AIDS. They explained the current scenario, problems attached and also the way forward.


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The Members of Organizing Committee

The event stretched for nearly two hours. The team said this was the first time they organized and will keep working for the cause.

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And its not the end, Its a START

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