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AI in Education

AI in Education – Soon to be Reality

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various industries and the ensuing race on who will create the best one is a controversial topic to discuss. The scientific society today is widely discussing how human work will be done by artificial intelligence in the future. 

In the melee of developing machines that can replace human activity in multiple areas, trusting AI in education remains a grey area.

Can we trust AI with educating future generations?  

Imagine a voice instructing you to do something as a part of your studies. There is not much to imagine as it has slowly become a reality. Voice-guided artificial intelligence such as Siri and Google Assistant have become our life coaches, assistants, reminders, and to some extent, our personal software experts.

Android robots are a near possibility, as depicted in video games such as ‘Detroit Become Human.’ The struggle between the androids and the humans to establish equality amongst themselves forms the entire plot. But bringing back our focus to the sphere of Indian education, it really has mixed reviews.

Is India ready for AI in Education?

If we take a logical approach, it is the students who are taking these educational services, and they should decide. A tailor-made approach is necessary, but the educational system in India uses one size fits all approach. Individual preferences for such a vast population are next to impossible. But it is a possibility if every student is given a personal robot that can manage their educational careers.

It is a far cry from being achievable. But given the speed at which technical marvels are achieved in the field of science, it remains hopeful.

Education is necessary for getting a good job. Developing skills associated with a particular job is of utmost importance. There has been a slight deviation from the usual doctor-engineer fixation. But still, the youth of India need some guidance in what they should pursue.

We have countless youngsters who end up becoming bulls in a china shop. Their basic skills are beaten and changed into something required for the job where the joy of pursuing a dream becomes void. Understanding a person’s vision and what they should do to reach it is essential. Sadly, there is no AI in education that can sort out this massive problem in India.

But with a college education, it is always better to leave AI aside. College education always begins with experiences, with people and communities around you. That free will is something for the youth to harness. It should not be trifled with. However, the school educational system really needs to help students discover their skills rather than making them a jack of all trades.

Even grading systems and educational peripherals can be made using AI in education. It can lead to less corruption and can enhance the experience for all the people involved. As far as humans are concerned, there will always be a few factors to influence them when evaluating. This will ultimately be absent in the case of a robot or application that evaluates everyone differently. Thus, there can be a considerable change in the way an individual is assessed.

At the end of the day, it is truly up to the students to decide what their idea of education should be like. But India really needs to upgrade the way a particular idea is learned and studied. AI in education can only facilitate or improve a specific area. It cannot wholly replace something which can mould an individual’s character as a valuable human resource of tomorrow.

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