Aam Aadmi Party – Common Man’s Solace

It all began two years ago, on an April day when out of the blue a common man waged a war against the corrupt and cheating. He was Anna Hazare, a social activist promoting rural development but tired of all the tomfoolery going around he jumped into the limelight when he decided to protest against it and encouraged the implementation of Lokpal Bill. He fought back in the best possible way, employing Satyagraha as his weapon against the corrupt. In due course of his crusade, he was joined by many stalwarts like Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi who further helped the progress of the cause.

Two years hence, Lokpal Bill has got lost somewhere in the melee of government and personalities but one outcome of it still stands stout, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Formed following the fallout between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal regarding the politicising of the movement, Kejriwal formed the Aam Aadmi Party.

AAP has brought a ray of hope to the lives of the common man, a promise of justice and unbiased governance. In these ten years of Congress rule, the common man has suffered a lot. Sudden hikes in petrol and diesel prices, skyrocketing price of onions, unending inflation, and the list is endless. The party’s name itself says it all “Aam Aadmi” meaning the common man. The common man’s interest comes first and foremost.

The basic ideology is the party is quite clear – to remove the corrupt and clean up the system. AAP is leading the survey polls for the Delhi state assembly elections to be held in December. It has surged ahead of BJP and Congress and is believed to be the one that will oust Sheila Dixit off the Delhi throne. One of their biggest plus point is that they are willing to go into the core of the city, into the slums and campaign for the rights of the downtrodden.

When the Lokpal Bill movement had started, the entire country had joined the drive against corruption. This itself shows the frustration present in the population. Kejriwal, unlike other party leaders, seems to be more focused on providing the masses with long term results i.e. a better future rather than money or some other comfort in exchange of a vote.

Having said the aforementioned, there are a few glitches in their path. They have a separate manifesto for every constituency which might become tricky and a matter of discord later on. Also there have been some discrepancies with the voter’s list, a few names missing here and there.

Amidst all this one fact that stands is that Kejriwal’s AAP has a strong chance of achieving the impossible. The reason this might happen is because for once the public won’t be voting for momentary gains like water supply or 24×7 electricity but for a better future. And that is exactly where Arvind Kejriwal’s strength lies; he can offer the promise of a better future. So yes, he might turn out to be the Virat Kohli of Indian politics.


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