A world without internet! You’re kidding right? – Neha Suvarna

“Modems, Internet? What rubbish are you blabbering? This is an STD booth”

A world without internet! You’re kidding right?

All right, all right! I gave it a thought! It’s not impossible after all.

Well, being a 19 year old, who spends at least 20 minutes on the internet per day, it is basically impossible to imagine a world or call it ‘think of a life’ without it. But then yeah, there existed a world without internet and it can exist even now.

Suppose a miracle or a disaster happens and the ‘world wide web’ just vanishes into thin air, what will happen to planet earth then is a debatable topic. As per me, the world will just have to rewind back by 20 years.

You will have to go the bank personally to deposit money. (Banks Suck!)

You got only phones and letters and telegrams to carry on with your long distance lovey talks. (No Skype and Skype advantages anymore)

You will have to buy audio cd, the original and copyrighted ones. (Boom!! Goes your pocket money! )

You will have to go to the airport to book your air tickets. (Airports are miles away from the city!  L )

Yeah! These basic and elementary changes do sound horrible and terrible but they aren’t impossible. What I want to voice is that internet surely has made things a LOT easier and appropriate but it isn’t the only way. In fact the world could be more lively and ‘outdoor’ ish (if that is even a word!) without it.

A World Without Internet
You will have to buy audio cd, the original and copyrighted ones. (Boom!! Goes your pocket money! )

For instance, teenagers today would have been less glued to their laptops and would have indulged themselves more in sports or actions concerning ‘vitamin D’. I have seen my own younger brother back home. I gained access to internet in my house when I was 13 whereas my brother got it when he was 8. I am pretty much sure this is the case in almost every house with the elder born in the early 90’s. Two days without internet, and he goes all rampant  because he hasn’t gotten the latest updates from Barcelona, because he couldn’t complete his project, because he couldn’t download the new David Guetta song, and because he couldn’t go on facebook to check what his friends where up to.  These are no reasons to go wild but the problem is he isn’t familiar of any other way or say did not know the older ways. And I bet, not many kids know it either.

I don’t blame teens for that of course. You tend to shift towards something that is more exciting and gives you more options. That is human! Internet facility obviously gives greater choice of making friends than you get in school. It for sure can help you curb or extend any sort of communication. It obviously offers more knowledge about games and games itself than the games owned by all the school boys in total. When the deal is so amazing then even an adult douchebag would go for it lest the kids.

Talking about adults, I can’t even imagine the chaos it can create in the lives of every other ‘money making’ profession! Whoa! Half of the software population will have to disappear as there is no server or a client they can work on. Government oldies (no offence!) will have a pleasant time may be as they can get back to writing in the rotten files and not enter anything in a dumb box (that’s PC!).But, I can’t possibly imagine the status of a hospital, railways and airways.  It’s treacherous for them to function like the olden times with files and papers, without having any databases online. Even the various associations for defence of citizens maintain records of all previously known criminals on the web and it certainly is of great use. Sharing of such vital information is going to be extremely difficult without it. And today when crime has increased, safety has to be increased for which internet service form a crucial role. As I said every functioning body is now using web services in an enormous amount and without it they are as good as a pile of haystack.

After scrutinizing I probably would conclude that life without internet is going to be very slow and one hell of havoc. There might be advantages in a concentrated manner but then world today has adapted internet facility in every nook and corner of a persons living. It is practically impossible to live deprived of internet. I know I am contradicting my own previous statement, but then the present conclusion is in a broader sense, i.e. considering the entire world, consisting of all age groups and generations. And not just considering a student’s world.


  1. World without internet…! Hard to imagine, harder to digest…! The worst nightmare… It’s like turning a pure vegetarian into a hardcore non-veggie and then convincing him to not touch meat again!

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