A Poem for Valentine Day – Sambit Dash

I grew up having not heard of it
That there exists in the year such a day
Hadn’t imagined, no faintest idea of it
Of love being celebrated on some day

They called the fourteenth the Valentine’s day
The fourteenth day of February
For love birds a day of merry and gay
A day amidst all days to be an estuary

2 7
Happy Valentine Day

So they painted the town in red
Sold bouquets of red roses
All over media love messages were read
Photos clicked in numerous poses

All this at the turn of the century
Prior to that no noise whatsoever
A very successful marketing story
People just get all the more clever

But nevertheless an occasion to cheer
Young ones seeming to be optimized
While a section always present to jeer
And a few poor guys always victimized

Is it the day to express your love true?
All the hype and hoopla over a day
But for lovers that are always so true
Every day of the year, a Valentine’s day


This is a Guest post by Sambit Dash. He is a Lecturer at the Dept. of Biochemistry & Genetics, KMC International Center, Manipal, India. His personal Blog is at SambitSpeak.

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