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Reflections on a new beginning - Photo by Tanmay Tiwari (From the album Reflections)

Today starts a brand new course, a brand new day. I’m sitting at End Point watching the river. There used to be something magic about the river, but now It’s gone, has age taken away the charm It once held for me?

As I watch the fog casting clouds over the Western Ghats in the distance, I sit and worry about the struggle that lies ahead, and if I’m going to pass my finals (which are over 3 years away). It was only yesterday that I was young and carefree.


The sun is hot on my legs. I would like to move to a cooler place, but yet I cannot go. It’s times like these that I feel I can’t go on. Somehow I do survive and even manage to crack a joke or two…

Yesterday I sat across from an old man on the bus. His face was so wrinkled. I wonder if it was from age? Oppression? Loneliness? I don’t ever want to grow old. As I face another couple of years of cramming for exams, trying to write a dissertation, and meeting the deadlines for the “many presentations,” I know that I am older; I have responsibilities, and I worry.

The sun has gone down and a slight breeze is blowing over me. My mind is empty so I can rest now. Although I sat here thinking these things, I know that I’ll make it through this year and the next and the next. . .

I can now look at the river and feel welcome, and say to you, Welcome to Manipal. Together we can welcome a brand new start…

I completed my Masters’s degree in Pharmacology (MD Pharm.)  in the year 2010. During the period, I used to regularly maintain a daily diary, the contents of which I cherish to this day. I had completed my MBBS in 2003 and there was a 4-year gap in my studies that tested my resolve and when I got through the Manipal.Edu online exams the relief was overwhelming. This is a short prose/poem from my diary, on the eve of my 3-year course at Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal.

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