A Good Quirk and Twerk on the Red Carpet

Long gowns, flowy dresses, beautifully braided tresses, the perfect princess look – (yawwwwn) that is so yesterday. Celebrities worldwide have a new style mantra – to let out the quirky dorks dormant inside them which was probably repressed during high school with all the big bullies around!

Fashion at the red carpet always has its ups and downs – they’re the pretty A listers who rarely take risks and prefer Valentino and Channel gowns bringing out their A game, the B listers who try their best to ape the top-notch strata of celebrities, the C listers who’re happy they were even invited to the event and of course the D listers who bring nothing but shame to themselves and humanity with their atrocious style statements in a desperate attempt to make headlines. Like they say even bad publicity is good publicity.

However there is a new breed of celebrities emerging who take the bold risk of stepping out of their comfort zone and add a dash of uniqueness and individuality into the attires they wear at events. Some fail miserably but their effort is appreciated while some really shine through and bring a nice twist to the mundane red carpet looks.

These are a few celebs who make quirky look cool with panache:

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is perfectly described in one word – a goddess. She has come a long way since her Harry Potter hay days and is now seen delivering women empowerment speeches at the UN – no biggie for a 25-year-old who also happens to be a graduate from Brown University! (isn’t everyone?) She rarely goes wrong on the red carpet but what makes her fashion stand out is the fact she is ready to take fashion risks and look elegance supreme.

Just take a look at a latest example of her fashion escapades where she chose a bit of an eclectic look by adding a piece of fabric to her waist hence completing her quirk goddess look. Seriously this girl can look good even in a garbage bag!



Taylor Swift

From a country singer to a pop diva – Taylor Swift has come a long way and so has her fashion sense. From a curly messy mane to perfectly silky hair, she has gone through more style evolutions than the evolution of all X Men combined(seriously they should consider renaming it there are female mutants too you know – Mystique, Storm just saying). Her red carpet styles range from girl next door to style queen and she makes the transition look effortless.

Just take a look at one such example where TayTay magically balanced prom queen meets chic diva in this beautiful creation. Is it a dress? Is it a gown? Its Taylor Swift hitting the town!



Jennifer Lawrence

She’s another girl who can do no wrong. She wins our hearts not only with performances in movies like Silver Linings Playbook, Hunger Games and X men but also that she’s a typical girl next door who is chilled out even after having an Oscar to her name. (hang in there Leo you’ll get your due!) She’s fun and quirky during interviews which adds to her girly charm yet sophistication defined when she commands respect at the red carpet.

This is one of my favourite looks in a Dior which combines a backless semi gown look with an embellished skirt fitting and flowing perfectly.

Jennifer Lawrence


Katy Perry

When it comes to quirk Katy is a true winner. Right from the time her video “California Gurls” launched, Katy was all about the loud colors, vibrant ideas and a lot of moxie and attitude. From bubble-gum pink hair to violet tresses to deep blue manes , this girl is all about the funk. Her gorgeous eyes just accentuate the look every time. When it comes to her it’s hard to pick out a quirky look because with every look she brings in her own charm and appeal which is why she always stands out at the red carpet. This is one of my favourite Katy Perry looks where she matched her hair and gown with effortless ease.


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Miley Cyrus

Behold- the queen of twerk has arrived! Saving the best for last bringing you a once famous child star who has gone off the rails like nobody’s business- the one, the only – Miley Cyrus! Agreeably her fashion choices haven’t done her much favours since the past couple of months but you gotta hand it to the girl to come out swinging like a wrecking ball every time. Long gone are her cuteness personified Hannah Montana days and Miley has truly let her true self bloom which is eccentric to say the least. Her attires may not always be too classy but she always succeeds to stand out from the general riff raff of Hollywood A listers.

Next time just keep the tongue inside Miley it really does you no favours – other than that you go gurl!! This is how you step out in track pants on the red carpet and still shame the rest around you.



Justin Bieber (Honorary Mention)

True this article till now has been dedicated to girls but JB’s style evolution is nothing short of miraculous. Pants almost falling off? Check. Ridiculous amount of tattoos? Check. Tacky bling? Check. Looks like Justin’s transition into Miley Cyrus is almost complete.

But no offence I think he pulls off this particular look with some swag. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

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