A Dream To Fly

Eating, crawling and sleeping are basically all I do. I mean, what else could I do in any case? Crawling around from one twig to another in search of a new good, tasty and juicy green leaf of white mulberry is the best part. Despite going about for almost 42 twilights I still feel hungry! I don’t get it. What is funnier is that I see so many others but before I crawl up and shoo them away from my leaf they just disappear. I guess they are just scared of my strong yellow body and the two horns at my back.

Food just never seems to end, like it’s limitless. But now-a-days I just dream of flying after I get out of my shell. I wonder what it looks like out there, when you are flying high up with wings spread out. Ah! Well my stomach is grumbling, guess I’m hungry again; so better start eating.

I feel weird today. I mean, just yesterday I was eating and dreaming like I have been doing ever since I wiggled out of my egg but today just seems different. I’m not hungry! I have never felt this way before. Did I eat so much? Well may be. But this is not like I’m growing longer or something. I have grown four times already, I know how that feels. My skin is a bit tight this time, it feels something awkward. Awkward but good. Oh I get it. It’s time! Finally the time has come to meditate and pray for my freedom. I will make the best cocoon so that when I get out I’ll be strong, stronger than everyone else. Let’s see, I think that stem near yesterday’s last leaf should hold me well. Considering how long I have become and how slowly the beautiful smooth thread comes out from my mouth I think it should take me around three days to complete it, four if I take a nap in between. But no! I won’t sleep; I want to build it quickly. The quicker I build, the earlier I’ll be able to fly with my beautiful pale white wings.

I’m almost done. One quick glimpse at the bright light and then I’ll seal myself in; to transform. Oh! I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time. With all my work done in building this lovely glistening white cocoon, I think I just have to wait for around a fortnight. But I hope it is faster.

Ow! What is happening? Why is the shell shaking? I guess it’s just a heavy wind. Oh no! I have broken my meditation. Now what do I do? This is not good. After all my hard work I just woke up because of a mere jolt. Now I’m going to be ugly moth and no one will like me. I just can’t think of anything worse. Wait! Why do I feel so hot in here? Hot and wet. I never saw any water around the place I stayed. And how come the bright-light-after-twilight is heating me up so badly. It has never happened before. This is scary. What’s going on? I can’t even get out of this cocoon, my wings haven’t grown yet. Hope this goes soon enough.

Ah! I’m burning and drowning. The bright-light is not doing this. This water is hot. Very hot. Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong? I guess this is as bad as it gets. This is the way my fine silk cocoon goes from me. This is where my dream ends. This is how I die.


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