Studying after a Break: 6 Tips for a Smooth Transition Back Into Life as a Student

Back from a break and the work keeps piling up?

It is that time of the year when everyone is ‘just’ back from home, the holiday mood still lingering. Often it so happens that we take a lot of time to acclimatize ourselves “again” to Manipal… So long that we realize suddenly that there are assignments to be submitted, deadlines to be met… all this and exams just around the corner…

Studying after a break
Back from a break and the work keeps piling up?

How do we overcome this? How do we get out of this ‘chilling mode’? How do we get back to studies after a break? Well, I’m no expert (more so because I find it hard to study even after those little 10 minutes coffee breaks that we take when in the library:P) However, I’m sure if we keep a few things in mind we would be quite comfortably back into the working schedule…

1. The Break is Over!
It is very normal to still be in the holiday mood even after it’s over. However, it’s acceptable only for a few days. Do not over do it. Remember..You are back to your responsibilities and the sooner you accept that the better it is for you.

2.Make a Start
Often, it so happens that you keep procrastinating… pushing things to tomorrow… day after another… And we all know… that tomorrow never comes. To avoid such a scenario it is best to at least make a start, however small it might be . Well begun is half done after all!.. As a student one can start just by chalking out your plan, or getting the syllabi for the semester, seeing to it that you have all the books that you need and of course by making it to the 8 O’clock class regularly 😛

3.To-do List
Now this always comes in handy.Completing tasks that you aimed for gives you a sense of achievement satisfaction. It helps you enjoy an outing with friends or a dinner at a nice eat-out without having to care about anything. Key is to start with small but important tasks so you don’t get overburdened at once and quit!

4.Plan It Out
Planning out the Week or for that matter the Day is a smart thing to do. A week to complete a task or  portions of a subject definitely sounds better than having just a day! Mark important dates and spread out your schedule accordingly.

5 .Develop a Routine
Personally I feel this is the hardest thing to do. However, a routine ensures that readings are read and assignments are done! It should be kept in mind though that making the routine too hectic is not a good idea. Such a routine is more likely to fall through. Aim for what you can achieve!

6.Balance between Work and Leisure
Just like a laid back attitude will not help you with your studies, a 24X7 study regimen is going to sap all your energy. You need to have some time for recreation. Do what you like in our free time but yet again remember to keep that balance!

The key to returning to the study mode is to be dedicated. Take it easy but don’t become complacent!

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