A Day with myself and Strangers

Maybe it is the stranger in us that lets us be who we are. Photo Aditya Sinha / ManipalBlog

The alarm rings cheerfully heralding another college day. I really don’t want to get up. I begin my mental argument, knowing the part of me that wants to sleep will lose.

The hall is quiet. Padding down to the lounge, I look in awe at the multicolored sky. The sun rises dyeing the Swarna blood red. Maybe everything will be all right anyway. Someone else coming into the room to work breaks the almost sacred moment. I leave.

I feel so alone. Passing through the day I see so many people. We may smile awkwardly at each other or murmur a hello. Even those I call ” friend ” at times seem strangers. I wonder if they are thinking the same thing too?

A day with myself and strangers 1
Maybe It Is The Stranger In Us That Lets Us Be Who We Are. Photo Aditya Sinha / Manipalblog

But there are times I need these people. There are times I must talk to someone. And eating by myself is miserable. So I divide my time.

These people will never know all I think about, dream about or live for. I will not know their dreams either. We give each other little tastes when the time seems right. Just as I feel those around me are strangers, so do the people that know me feel I am a stranger.

Maybe it is the stranger in us that lets us be who we are.

It is late. I set the iPod to some nostalgic tune. I missed the sunset tonight. I climb into oblivion. There are strangers there too.

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