A Brief Respite: Manipal never fails III


The ubiquitous end.

Long classes, dry classes, happy classes, not-so-happy classes, surprise tests, long-drawn out assignments, group work, role play, submissions, presentations, competitions, commitments, cultural activities, committee responsibilities and the list goes on.  Sleeping early, in TAPMI,  is a blessing,  granted to very few.

Lovely weather, not-so-lovely weather, mess food, no food, examinations, conclaves. Whenever you have to skip food, stay awake, stay rejuvenated, discuss, debate, argue, resolve, create or simply chill-maadi,  this is the communal spot for the academically burdened MBA graduates of TAPMI.

The one spot to fall back on for tapmi manipal students is the night canteen.
The One Spot To Fall Back On For Tapmi Manipal Students Is The Night Canteen.

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
Time of Day : 1: 50 am
Lens: 18-55mm
Focal Length: 29 mm
Exposure: 2.5 secs
F Number : f4.5
ISO: 800

The one spot to fall back on. The Night Canteen. Till 3 o’clock in the morning; BBC, Poha, Parwes Sandwich, Maggi and the assortment of drinks. The ever smiling Gopi Anna. Students come, they order, they eat and leave but un-erringly he keeps track of every single transaction. The walk, halfway up the hill for some, half-way down the hill for others: serving a strange kind of justice. And the smile, that ever-present smile.(Sigh) How does he do it?

On a less crowded days (sometimes the junies do have their work cut out for them 😉 ) , he even entertains requests and displays his culinary skills… Keralite appam to Andhra-ishtyle pessarattu.

Reliable, dependable and ever ready to feed the starving stomach, the starving mind and the starving soul.

A Brief Respite: Manipal never fails.

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A Final year PGDM student at TAPMI, Manipal, Sambit Mohanty is a passionate photographer who loves traveling when he is not busy studying to be the next big Management guru :)


  1. To add, TAPMI never sleeps. TAPMIans carry out their off-class room activities 24×7 on campus but always ready for next day’s lectures.

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