A Brief Respite : Mangalore Dusshera


It was a gracious request from a dear friend. And as usual, I have never regretted accepting any invitation for travel.

We were a motley group of 4; 2 girls and 2 boys and it was a delightful trip.

The occasion was the Mangalore Dusshera and the Bengalis with their ardent devotion towards Maa; felt the pull, the call to go out and meet & greet her.14

We took a bus, gathered some peanuts and were off on our merry trip. The conversation ranged from commercial Hindi movies to philosophies in life , finally , slowing down and meandering on music, with both the girls , enthusiastically adding to the positive energy in the bus.


Mangalore was decked up, with lights and clean streets. We got down near Corporation, near Bharat mall ( I think). A short walk and we reached the venue. There was a sizeable crowd and we were fortunate enough to even witness a road show with the traditional painted tigers spewing fire.02

A fervent time in the mandap, a display of traditional Bengali music and food, and a guilty visit to Sizzler’s Ranch. Followed by the tiring bus ride back. A page in my travails. Thank you guys. 🙂05


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