A 3-D sticker- just that or much more?


That 3-d sticker you see ?
Changing colours, auras, dimensions
That thing at the back of that color book
I don’t know, I find it symbolically scary
Scary, maybe the truth scares me now
I don’t know how..
But it just resembles life, people and the thumb rule of change!

To you its a mere inanimate piece of unworthiness
But for me it beholds the essence of everything
Just , just try changing the angle of your head
Boom! did you see that
From a tiger to a swan
From colour to black and white
From might to impuissance
From strength to somber
This, my, friend is the face of reality
The reality we shirk
The reality we can’t stare in the face
And the reality which sweeps us off our feet

We refuse to unveil the masked faces
We refuse to believe that our friends can ditch us
And we just refuse to swallow the bitterness we are subjected to

Its unholy, we say with that deceased frown
Its unreal, for whatever is happening with me
“Why me” you ask and sit and gasp
While the friends of irony make merry in your metaphorical macabre..

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