9 Tools to Create and Inspire Your Music

Musical genius AR Rahman once said, ‘The search is more important than the destination’. In the case of creating and ideating music, it is quite true. Music is a language that connects with the soul. It is very similar to reading. It relies on an individual’s perspective and their imagination for delivering its essence. That is why specific music tends to touch an individual’s heart more than others. The feelings conveyed through music transcend boundaries such as language, religions and nations. Therefore, when artists create a piece of music, they need personal experiences that are expressed through vocals and the lyrics. The instrumentation has to originate from a very clear understanding of the subject you want to creatively express.


Spotify is hands-down the best music streaming application. It provides high-quality songs, podcasts and videos from a wide array of artists. Spotify has an algorithm that identifies the type of music that you would like. Playlist creation and a huge library of 70 million songs are some exquisite features of this app. Listening can help you develop an interest, which sparks off a thought about how songs are actually produced. Spotify is a must in every music lover’s device as it is simply brilliant in providing tracks based on what the user needs.


This application is a gold mine when it comes to selecting artificial instrumentation for your song. There are a variety of instruments that can play together and create your tunes. It is great for experimentation and gives you an idea about what instruments can do to a particular piece of music. It redefines audio workstations through its user-friendly interface. This application is available only for iOS devices

 Band Lab

Band Lab is the closest replacement to GarageBand for Android users. It does provide a variety of modifications for vocal and instrumental music. It also arranges a great platform for collaborative music production. Furthermore, it is also useful for enhancing the music you create and provides a very user-friendly but professional interface.

Dolby On

We need great vocals to give a great flavour and theme to the song. Dolby which is the zenith for audio quality has provided a useful app that can record audio using Dolby levels of sound. Dolby On is an app that automatically enhances your device’s sound quality to provide the best audio output for free.


As music is a great collaborative effort, a lot of practice is required before you can start working on your song. We need practice as a singer. Smule is a great app that helps artists collaborate and sing their favourite songs. This enhances confidence and promotes the individual’s growth as a music artist. It is great to connect and team up with people who enjoy the same hobby. It is also a great learning environment.


Shazam specializes in song identification and also doubles up as an audio streaming app. Whenever you hear a piece of music and want to identify it, Shazam does it for you. After all, inspiration is something that can come from anywhere.

Adobe Audition

Adobe’s audio workstation is a complete audio editing application. It provides many tools to enhance, alter and modify your music. It provides high-quality mixing and specialized channels to cater to all your music production needs.

Write Songs

A songwriter is a person who writes their thought process for creating the song. There will be many things that cross their mind when they pen down those lyrics. A systematic approach can be taken through the Write Songs app, which groups the chords and lyrics together, making it easier for the group involved to make changes and create good songs. The app also makes suggestions on its own, which comes in handy when you have blocks.


SoundCloud is a very useful application that discusses everything that an aspiring musician needs to know. It is an artist-driven platform that provides many tools for music production. Royalty-free music and top-notch audio editing are provided by the app. It is also great for interacting with other artists, as well as a reliable source to publish your work. It is the best bang for your buck as far as all music related applications are considered.

Inspiration comes from listening and learning the best works. Thinking deeply and understanding the method is secondary. The drive and passion coupled with creativity is the best way to produce a work of art.


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