9 iPhone apps to track your fitness program

Keep yourself motivated and on track with these fitness programs that monitor your progress to a happier, healthier you.

  1.   iPhit Fitness Tracking: This program allows users to combine their Nike + iPod sensor kit with their iPhone to keep track of their walking or running progress.
  2.  MyNetDiary: Get access to this Web-based diet and exercise program right through your iPhone.
  3.  Gyminee: Sign up for this fitness tracking site and use the iPhone-optimized version to keep track of your workouts and your daily nutrition.
  4.   iPhodometer: This Nike + alternative allows users to keep track of how many calories they are burning as they walk or run.
  5. WeightDate: This application makes it easy to see how your weight is changing over time. It also provides an average to let you see how you’re moving towards your goal over the long term.
  6.   Limeade: Limeade aims to help users get healthy by giving them an assessment and helping them to develop personalized fitness goals.
  7.   SparkPeople: Create diet plans that concentrate on nutrition and focus on fitness training through SparkPeople on your iPhone.
  8.   FitReach: This program allows you to view your gym training for the day, track your diet and manage your weight goals, all from the iPhone interface.
  9. Vaccines:  The Vaccines app provides quick access to immunization schedules recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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