9 Digital Staging Tips You Should Know

When selling a property, you’re not just selling the space. You’re also selling a dream. Perhaps your new buyers can see their kids growing up in your property or their grandkids playing in the living room? Whatever it is, digital staging allows you to share that dream. Follow this link to see an award-winning design portfolio to give you an idea of just how great staged photos can look.

9 Digital Staging Tips to Bring you Success 

Include Before and After Photos 

One of the main things to remember about virtual staging is that we’re not trying to lie to anyone. If you present something under false pretenses then your potential buyers will still see the reality when they actually visit your home. No one relies solely on staged photos. Including the before and after shots also help portray the potential of your property. You can then explain how it can easily be done such that the property becomes their home.

Use Neutral Design Style with Soft Colors 

Your virtual staging company will advise you on the best design style. Although, usually neutral works best. This is because you’re more likely to connect with a wider number of potential buyers. Anything too whacky or different risks putting off your more traditional viewers. Furthermore, soft colors are generally warmer and more inviting.

Art or Rugs can Make things Lively 

There’s always a flip side to everything in life, including digital staging. So, whilst a neutral design style is a good idea, it can also be boring. Nevertheless, you can liven it up with a splash of color or two. One idea is to review with your virtual staging company whether you can include a piece of art or a rug. Nothing too out there of course but something potentially interesting could do the trick.

Partner with your Virtual Stager

Many real estate agents can advise you which digital staging companies they like to work with. Regardless, make sure that you have a good communication flow between you, your agent, and your virtual staging team. Together, you’ll be able to agree on your ideal target buyer and what’s the best design style for your staged photos to appeal to them.

Use Prominent Features 

Some houses have alcoves or incredible fireplaces, for example. It sounds obvious but makes sure you show these off in your virtually staged photos. Clearly, your virtual staging team will have this covered for you though.

Take the Original Photos in Daylight 

It’s worth noting that your virtually staged photos start off as photos of reality. Your virtual staging company essentially uses 3D modeling, photoshop, and other virtual staging software to redecorate and insert virtual furniture. You can actually help make these the best photos possible by starting off with good quality images. These are usually done during daylight so that colors are as true as possible to their original state and with few shadows. Of course, your virtual staging team can fix any issues but you’ll get a higher quality output if you start with high quality.

Declutter as Much as Possible 

The good news is that virtual staging declutters for you. Don’t forget though that clutter isn’t just a mess such as papers and toys all over floors and tables. It also includes all those personal items and knick-knacks that we care about but no one else does. Both your real estate agent and virtual stager will advise you easily about what needs to be removed though. They’re not emotionally attached to those items so just make sure you follow their advice.

Staging the Living Room is Key 

Almost half of the buyers favored staged photos of the living room as a priority, closely followed by the master bedroom, and about a third wanted to see virtually staged kitchen photos. This is all according to the National Association of Realtors who have researched virtual staging and its advantages. Essentially, the living room remains one of the central points of any home. This is where people imagine their evenings and family life. Help them dream about what it could be like with your staged photos in their future home.

Choose a Reputable Virtual Staging Company 

Essentially, it’s always about the small print. For example, how does the virtual stager deal with touch-ups? How do they communicate with you and understand your requirements? What about partnering with your real estate agents? These are all great questions to ask your virtual staging company. If you’re unsure though, most real estate agents can recommend their preferred virtual staging companies. Digital staging of home

Final Recommendations for Digital Staging 

When doing virtual staging, keep things simple and listen to your virtual staging company. Having said that, keep in mind that a neutral design style works best and that it’s worth showcasing any interesting features that your home might have. Either way, you’ll soon get a sense of the type of staged photos you can create from your virtual staging team’s portfolio of past examples. Make sure you’re happy with their approach and style and then everything should follow through smoothly.

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