8 Stupid Hostel Pranks

I was only in my college’s dorms for one year, but during that time I was both the target and mastermind of a multitude of sneaky pranks. A prank here and there is a good break from the rigors of an academic atmosphere. If anybody ever messes with you, here’s how to get them back.

You know your university and how strict it may be. I share these all in good fun.

Towel Tapping

I had to walk back to my room freezing to death with a barely translucent shower curtain wrapped around me when this befell me. Try not to just snatch the towel; quickly switching the towel with a pair of protective underwear for senior citizens is best.

I can’t believe it’s not *CRASH*

Butter the floor! My only advice is don’t do this near stairs or pointy things. You aren’t trying to really hurt anybody.

Home Page Change

Make it a really gross or scary one. You do this by going to tools then options in the browser menu. No, I won’t give you any recommendations.

The Trap Can

This was amazingly effective on me in the dark. Take a garbage can from somewhere that nobody would miss it and remove the bag. Fill it about halfway with water, prop it at an angle, and knock on the target’s door politely. Running is optional, depending on how well you fight. (TIP: This will only work if the person’s door opens inwardly.)

The Barber’s Knob

Find a condom and fill it with a little shaving cream or conditioner. Either tie it in a knot or pull it over your victim’s doorknob.

“You Shall Not Pass!”

You will need a crew for this. Gathering as many tables, chairs, and Sega Saturns as you can, carefully craft a barricade in front of the target’s door. This is most effective when coupled with a towel filch directly after the barricade is complete.

Fiver Fishing

Take a 100 or 200 rupee bill and superglue it to the bathroom floor. Put something atrocious on top of it to see how willing your target is to get the money.

Serpent Snacks

See if you can find some discarded snake skins (common in Manipal). (Make sure they do not have to be returned.) Take your slithery friend’s skin and put it in the slot where the snacks fall in a popular vending machine in your hostel lobby. Have a seat, and enjoy the show.

Don’t get in trouble, seriously. Stuff like this is fun among friends, but it can get out of hand if you cross the line. Got any zingers of your own? Send them in and I’ll give you credit.

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