8 Sex Tips for Men in Long Term Relationships

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Want to keep your sex hot in your long term relationship? This article is for you.

A study conducted by Chapman University where more than 40,000 married men and women who have been in a long-term relationship for more than three years were asked about their sexual behavior. This article shares the tips they said have made them happy for a long period.

According to bestessays.com, having sex with the same partner for a long period of time can get stale. Figure out this: When a relationship is new, it’s sensational. You are sometimes restricted by the fact that you either live with your parents or with mates. So once you get a moment together, you live it to the fullest. Every opportunity is precious, you have sex in the kitchen, on the sofa or everywhere you feel like doing it.

A few years after saying “yes I do”, you’ve done everything sex and got yourselves in a sexual furrow. You are not excited anymore. Sex has become a chore. You all feel like it has started to become stale.

Here are eight tips for you to save your sexual connection in your long term relationship as featured in one of the custom writing blogs in the UK.


  • Have Sex in the Morning


Instead of scheduling sex when the kids have gone to bed since then you can conceal your shaky jiffies in the dark, start doing it in the morning, immediately before you wake up.

Or get back to the way you used to do it while dating: In the sofas, in the kitchen counter or on the carpets. Researchers at proessaywriting reviews argue that orgasms can boost mood and you can have a cheerful the whole day.


  • Revise the Moments


Yes, start dating afresh. Schedule times in a week when you can meet at a romantic restaurant so that you can learn new things that have developed about each other for that period you’ve been together.

You can hire a babysitter from a special organization and the person to stay with the kids while you have your time alone with your partner. Go to your hotel room. Do it as you used to do it.


  • Foreplay! Foreplay! Foreplay!


Are you doing it for 10 minutes? Where you used to doing it for 20 minutes or 30 minutes before you get down on it?

It’s time to get back to foreplay. Extended foreplay can result in a more intense orgasm. It leads to emotional and physical intimacy. So instead of jumping on your partner and getting down, take time to explore each other’s bodies.


  • Dirty Talks


Talk dirty. Talk things that stimulate the brain. Remember, during such a time; don’t take your partner too seriously. Just love the shit coming out of your mouths. Talk about how you feel it, how you want it done, and your fantasies, talk all the shit.


  • Let’s Try This…


Only 60% of women achieve orgasm during intercourse.

You want both of you to have the best orgasm so that you can appreciate each other. But you are doing it’s the same position. Chances are that trying a new position will achieve this. Try it. Keep on experimenting a new thing until you all climax.

Haven’t you tried swapping positions, try that. What about shower sex? Sometimes seeing each other from a different angle can arouse both of you.


  • Tell Your Sweet One What You Want


To have the best sex with your best one in a long term relationship, communication is key.

A mistake most couples make is to assume that their partner knows exactly what and how they want it without letting their partner.

When you say what you don’t want or when you don’t say it altogether, don’t expect to get what you want. You have to tell your partner exactly what you want and how you want it. If you can’t say it, try experimenting with your partner.


  • Don’t Make it About Intercourse Always


You don’t have to get down always. Try other kinds of physical intimacy. You could boost your libidos.

Have a shower together or give each other a deep massage on the couch and this can make the connection stronger.


  • Watch Dirty Things Together


Apart from talking dirt, you can watch dirty things together. Watch porn with your partner. This way, you could both either end up being turned on the right when watching the TV or end up laughing so hard that you feel relaxed or end up doing it right in front of the TV.

Sometimes watching porn together will help both of you to learn a lot of things you might want to experiment while doing sex.

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