6 Plays you can enjoy in Bangalore this month!

The city of Bangalore hosts events from time to time, and this winter, one can enjoy different types of plays and dramas of their choice. There are several auditoriums that do offer exciting plays in Bangalore for the residents to enjoy. The list of dramas that are provided below can help the individual to plan his programs accordingly and have the entire family to enjoy the popular shows, thereby, relaxing the mind and the body.

1. C Sharp C-Blunt has been reported to be making a return to Ranga Shankara to do one show this month. The 5 city tour of India had been a complete sell out, and was also performed at the prestigious Zurcher Theater Spektakel festival held in Switzerland. This play is said to have won several awards, which includes 3 META awards of 2014 – best original script, best innovative music/sound design and best actress in the leading role. It is also winner of Secondo Festival 2014 in Switzerland/Aara, including winner of ZKB prize at Zurcher Theater Switzerland/Spektakel. These awards in itself speak a lot about this play and is a must watch. It is a show that is said to have stolen the lime lights, something that should not be missed out.

Where: Ranga Shankara, J. P. Nagar
When: 19th November, 2014. Time: 7:00 PM

2. Aurora – The Dawn is presented from the makers of Penis Monologues and EREBUS. This play is sure to exalt all your five senses, namely, humour, technology, pathos and delight. It is termed to be a collection of about 6 short stories that is woven together for understanding human psyche.1_Aurora – The Dawn

Where: Alliance Francaise-de Bangalore, Vasanthnagar
When: 22nd November, 2014. Time 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM

3. Rankulaata 2014: Gangavatarana is an interesting play that has Rajendra Karanth, Supreetha Shetty, Rakesh Rajkumar, Sunil Kumar and Pramod K. Shetty as its cast. Playwright has been done by Rajandra Karanth.

Where: Dr. H. N. Kalakshetra, Jayanagar.
When: 23rd November, 2014. Time 7 PM

4. ‘The Penis Monologue’ is an interesting play that is said to have returned to the stage due to demand from the audience. In short, this play has come back with a bang. Through this play, you can hear a man to speak about his deepest urge and darkest inhibitions with staggering comedy that has never been seen before.‘The Penis Monologue’

Where: Alliance Francaise-de Bangalore, Vasanthnagar
When: 29th November, 2014. Time 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM

5. ‘Mallammana Mane Hotel’ is a Kannada play that is presented by Panchamukhi Natara Samuha. Madhusudhan Kanekal is its director and Shivaprakash, HS is its writer.

Where: KH Kala Soudha, Hanumantha Nagar
When: 5th December, 2014. Time: 10 pm.

6. ‘Doosra’ is a drama about a specific game that gentlemen participate in. It is about the game of cricket and through the play, you can know what it does to the system.

Where: KH Kala Soudha, Hanumantha Nagar
When: 13th and 14th December, 2014. Time: 7.30 pm.

The plays that are staged here have been attracting people from all communities and background.

Author’s Bio: The author is currently involved with www.eventshigh.com. He writes articles for his clients as and when required and most of them are about travel and the interesting things that can be done at that place during the visit.

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