6 Highly Believable Excuses to Tell Friends and Family Why You’re Addicted to Games

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Are you receiving a lot of flak from people because you like to spend a lot of time playing video games? Are you relentless in your gaming habits? Are you very tired of hearing the phrase “video game addict”? I have 6 reasons you can spew forth to your critics.

Here they are:

1. I spend hours playing games because I’m doing research     

Tell your friends and family that you’re doing a research paper on the benefits of playing Jetpack Joyride Online 10-hours a day and they should be off your case real fast. By giving the “research” excuse, you make it seem like what you are doing is for a greater purpose. People are more tolerant if something done to the extreme is done in the name of science. Play this card when they start questioning the number of hours you spend playing video games.

Caveat: don’t play this excuse card too much unless you really plan on producing an actual research paper.

 Image courtesy of graur ravzan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of graur ravzan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
2. The doctor advised me to improve my hand-eye coördination

It’s true that playing online video games can contribute to improved hand-eye coördination. Gamers are more alert to their surroundings and can react very quickly to incoming stimuli. Studies have also shown that video game controllers are becoming more and more ergonomic that it becomes a tool to enhance dexterity. So when people start calling you a video game addict, tell them you’re doing it under doctor’s advice.

Caveat: you can’t use this excuse once you start to suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Make sure to do stretching exercises to reduce the stress suffered by your hands.

 3. I’m road-testing my console/computer/smart phone/tab

Tell people that consoles and computer are just like cars or horses—they need to be broken in. This is a good excuse to make to justify all the hours you spend playing video games. And there’s some truth to this. Your console or computer is manufactured to withstand endless hours of playing time. They shouldn’t break down when they’re fairly new. So if ever your new console or computer breaks down under warranty, you’re doing the manufacturers a favor by testing their product’s reliability.

Caveat: make sure you have all the warranty papers or else you will have to buy a new unit.

4. I need to play a lot of video games or I might experience a burnout

People need to de-stress and video games are a good way to chill and relax. So tell people that you’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and that you’re prone to experience a burnout. Also tell them that the only way for you to save your sanity is by playing video games for half the day. Try to act a little cuckoo to prove your point. Pretty soon, they’ll leave you alone and you can play video games without the interruption.

Caveat: don’t overdo the cuckoo part. Act with subtlety and you should be ok. If you overdo it, you just might find yourself locked in a mental institution.

5. I play video games because they’re very educational

There are a lot of things you can learn from video games. These games contain puzzles that can enhance brain functions. Video games also improve problem solving skills. Plus, a gamer’s analytic skills improve the more they play challenging video games. Not to mention, most games have themes taken directly from social events and history. Start uttering random trivia to people and tell them you’re getting all these from video games. That just might get them off your hair.

Caveat: don’t use this reason when you’re just playing online strip poker.

 6. The average family of 5 plays video games at an average of 50 hours per week. I’m just making up the hours because the rest of you don’t play

This means that each member of the average family spends 10 hours a week playing games. Tell your parents and siblings that you’re making up for all the hours they spend not playing games by playing them yourself. You’re actually taking up the slack. Tell them that you don’t want your family to fall below the average that’s why you’re spending too many hours playing games.

Caveat: you can’t use this excuse if you happen to have a family of gamers.

So try these excuses and let me know if they work. Feel free to also come up with your own creative excuses. We gamers are very good at justifying our gaming habits.

Author’s Bio:  Marc S. is an expert in video games and he is lucky enough to write about games for a living. He’s not a video game addict though, he just lives and breathes gaming (ohh that IS being an addict)…

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