6 Crucial Tips To Get Along With Your First Cricket Betting Experience

Cricket betting
The Death Rattle

Cricket betting is often seen solely as a source of entertainment. The fans put all their money on their favorite players or teams without thinking of the profit/loss situation. However, as the game is evolving, several people are also turning to bet for their source of income. These tips might come in handy if you are serious about making a profit out of betting.


Without saying, research is an essential prerequisite of betting. Before getting into new terrain, it is necessary to know what one is letting themselves into. It becomes even more critical in a sport like cricket, which is extremely unpredictable.

Thus, make sure to read up on the location, time, and weather of the match before placing a bet. For instance, if there are weather forecasts that suggest heavy rains, there are high possibilities of the game resulting in a draw.

The “Toss”

The team that wins the toss hugely influences the course of the game. Precisely, it is an opportunity for the winner to drive the game in their favor and play by their strengths.

The toss determines multiple trends in the market. For instance — the total number of boundaries under/over, scoring of a century, the highest number of sixes in the match, total runs for the team batting first, and so on. Therefore, wait for the toss to happen to make a better judgment before placing the bet.

Ground and pitch

The venue of the match serves as a significant contributor to how the game unfolds. Though the pitches keep transforming with each coming year, certain interpretations can be made about the game beforehand.

For instance, some pitches are slow, while some are naturally good for swing bowlers. Thus, read up a little about the pitch and its type to better understand the strengths of the players and the teams.

The “Powerplay”

The powerplay has the potential to become the turning point of the entire game. It can also become one for betting. Powerplay gives the batsman a lot of opportunities to hit boundaries.

Thus, as a general rule, if a team scores around 60 during the powerplay, it is in a strong position. Similarly, if a team loses over three batsmen, it implies that the fielding team is more reliable. A bettor needs to acknowledge the score and bet accordingly.

Judging the form for Cricket Betting

It is a well-known fact in sports that no team performs the same in every match. The form of the team depends on several internal and external factors. Thus, while betting on cricket, ensure that you do your research on the teams as well as the individual players.

Platforms like the Cric Buzz betting site can assist you in securing a better understanding of the form of the players. Also, the blogs provide an excellent guide to make your way to cricket betting.

The fall of next wicket

Gradually through the match, the efficiency and the strengths of the players get established. For instance, there will always be a great batsman paired with a less capable one. It usually happens when good bowlers are made to bat given the circumstances of the match.

Therefore, look for the weaker batsman to be on strike whose more likely to be out. Use this chance to bet live on the under, which is, total runs at the fall of next wicket.

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