5 Questions with Srishti Punjani: Person of the day


1. So, what’s interesting about you?

Long back I won a race against more than a million people, that’s when I was born. I write poems sometimes, I call it special maybe because the ability for people being able to write crap is decreasing progressively. I have 5 senses ,I dream and have a brain that can potentially develop into (who knows) an ORACLE?

5 questions with srishti punjani: person of the day 1
Manipalblog Is A Forum Of Accelerated Expression. – Srishti Punjani

2. What does Manipal/ManipalBlog mean for you?

It’s a forum of accelerated expression.

  • Awareness- whats happening around you?
  • Skill- how good are people around? how good can people write about things?
  • To feed your mind- Absurd and technical. Are you reading?
  • To stay curious- ability to question. WHY? HOW? WHEN?
  • To take a purple break- day’s long patient work, assignments, work completion. Did you take a break?
  • To Groove- DID YOU JOIN IN?

3. 5 Things only you can do are?

  1. After they give me a “Dr.” in 2 years I can name myself Acula
  2. Sanitize my hands 200 times day (yes I am a phobic)
  3. meow occasionally
  4. milk a cow wearing stilettos
  5. look like a potato

P.S the above facts may have a tad bit of exaggeration

4. Are you rich?

If you are studying in MU you are rich enough, can’t say if you’ll stay rich after you graduate ( Does not imply to scholarship students )

5. Dentist by choice or ….?

Initially, not by choice . But the feeling of making people “shut up” like literally is of abstract contentment. ( That awesome moment when i ask questions while my hands(gloved) inside my patients mouth – What did you eat, why have you come here, bleeding, discharge, pus, sensitivity? blahhhhh)

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