5 Most Common Blogging Mistakes

Lack Of Updates

Most of the bloggers start a blog with a lot of excitement. The blog is updated as frequently as possible during it’s initial days but as time passes, we notice very few updates and soon there is absolutely no more updates. Lack of updates is the fastest way to kill your blog. Make a blogging routine and stick to it whether it is one post a day or one post a week.

Publishing Posts Without Proofreading

This usually happens when you are rushing a post or you are writing a very long article and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. So, you publish the article without proofreading it. Trust me, everytime when I proofread my post, I find quite a lot of errors. Imagine how many mistakes you are leaving behind if you do not read your post again before publishing.

Making Blog Look Like A News Channel

Don’t make your blog look like a news channel. Don’t just pick news from the newspaper or news sites and share it on your blog. If the readers want to read news, they can very well read the newspapers or the popular news sites. They don’t need to come to your blog to read it. Give your views and opinions on it, share some facts. People read your blog to know your point of view, your opinions and not just simply news.

Do Something Unique In Your Blog

Are you simply copying what every other blogger out there is doing? Then I am sure that you won’t get to anywhere. Your blog will end up just like any other unsuccessful blog out there. Just check your blog and think what unique thing you can do which will make readers come to your blog often. If its simply a copy of a successful blog, then why would people want to read yours? And think if you do something that stands out from different blogs, then readers will come to read yours because you are the only one who does this and nobody else, of course it must be something good that you do.

Not Paying Attention To Commentators

Always read what comments you are getting from your readers. Make sure that you effectively reply and answer to them. If the readers don’t get replies, they might dislike commenting on your blog.

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