5 Growth Hacks to Acquire Customers through Social Media

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Social Media burst into our homes in the latter half of the 2000s and has been a constant presence in our lives since showing no signs of slowing down. With more than 2 billion active users actively using one of the many different platforms, the audience is right there. It is upto businesses and startups to effectively use them to better serve and inform the potential or loyal customer base.

It isn’t always as simple as creating a social media account, creating lots of different content, scheduling them or regularly posting them. There is a lot more to it than that! Here we take a look at 5 growth hacks to acquire customers through social media.

Know Your Audience and Increase Leads

A 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report published by Social Media examiners note that more than 65% of the small businesses have social media accounts primarily to increase leads. Creating gated content goes a long way in doing so. Creating content that is compatible with the interests of your followers, visually appealing, and saying all that needs to be said in very less.

Focus on SEOs and Web Traffic

Most customers today prefer to check out your social media handles before they head off to your website. Furthermore, there is a fair chunk of traffic that arrives at your website primarily through social media accounts. A social media certification and boosts your ability to be a good marketer on the online space. This accounts for a lot of emphasis to be put on good SEO practices to be inculcated.

Additionally, the domain authority of the website stands to get a boost when the linked social media accounts have increased share rates. There are many tools online that help you track the ranking of your website most of them offering their services for free.

Look out for your Competitors

While one of the primary cornerstones of business is to outdo the competition, it can be a great way to keep track of them and draw inspiration from the competition to put out better and more marketable content.

While what works for someone else doesn’t need to always work for you, you could try and get to know why things are unfolding the way they do. Also, if you’re a small business starting out in a smaller target area, referring to the social media footprints of much larger corporations is a safe way of betting on and creating relatable content.

Compelling Visuals

Although all content ultimately boils down to bits of data streaming across the network in small data packets, the mode in which they are presented to us is all forms of multimedia. Now, picture posts, videos, and visually appealing content catch the eye faster than a regular text post would. And you would be able to appreciate and click on a soft colored, pleasing to the eye, typographically sound visual than an erratically made one.

All this, factors in while creating the brand recall to better coax customers. Content is Key. if you don’t put up content that’s visually appealing, no one will stop scrolling to see what you’ve got to say.

Maximize Conversations and Build Relationships

In any business, small or big, the unwritten rule stands. Customer is king. You treat the customer right, you build a rapport with him and convince him to stay, his brand loyalty wouldn’t falter.

Social Media is a place that gets the consumers and the company as close as possible without the headaches of Support Inboxes or Mailboxes. In a survey conducted by Social Media Examiner, it is stated that nearly 79% of the marketers agree that Social Media is an effective way to develop loyal followers.

Put up engaging, relatable content, get influencers to promote and endorse it, and have healthy conversations with customers on the inbox or comment threads. The happier the customer with the service, the better your brand’s impression on the world.

Marketing in the Digital World is all in vogue today as more and more youngsters flood into the online space each ear. A Social Media Certification with reinforced knowledge of the core principles of Digital Media Marketing is a huge boost for any business be it an established one or a fledgling one trying to get off the ground.

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