30 Years of Love – Valentine Day Tribute by Arun D Pai

30 Years of Love - A Celebration of Valentine Day!

For some  it’s a day of celebration, celebrating with the person they love the most. For some it’s a day they hope to confess their feelings to that some one special in their life…

Couple in love old
30 Years of Love - A Celebration of Valentine Day!

14th FEB a day when we celebrate love. When we go all out to make that person in our life feel the most loved and most cared person for! 🙂

Well its been almost 20 years since I’ve been witnessing this day and its always been a very special day for me as I celebrate the most loving caring heart warming love story I’ve ever seen. They have shown me what love is  and how it feels like.

Yes it’s the love story of my parents that I am talking about. Every year I celebrate this day as my parents’ wedding anniversary. 🙂
This  year it would be their 30th year of  love and this is my story of this special day!  🙂


This is a Guest post by Arun D Pai and an entry for our Valentine’s Day contest for Manipal residents on our Facebook Page. He is a student at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal.

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