3 Tips for selecting comfortable Walking Shoes

Our feet are very important to us so we need to take care of them. Therefore, wearing the right shoes that fit comfortably is important. It is especially important to wear comfortable shoes when you are exercising or walking long distances or standing for a long time to avoid discomfort and pain. Buying shoes is one of the most important items you can buy since you will be walking in them often. A bad pair of shoes can make your day miserable. Not only can it cause foot pain and discomfort, but it can eventually cause lower back pain.


This part of the shoe is located on the bottom of the shoe. You will notice the quality of a shoe based on if the shoe has two layers or kinds of rubber on the outsole. The first kind is called a carbon rubber. The carbon rubber is tough and heavy. It acts as an overall covering for the bottom of the shoe. The second layer is called blown rubber. The blown rubber is much lighter in weight and stretches. The blown rubber is much more flexible and has cushion to protect the foot.

You will notice the quality of a running shoe if it has a flex groove and a split heel. Split heel allows both an outside and inside piece to insulate the outsole. These allows for better foot movement and space in the shoe. Flex grooves allows the foot more flexibility at the ball and move more naturally.


The midsole is material that helps absorb the shock treatment between the outsole and the upper part of the shoe. This helps the running shoe to offer cushion and support for the foot. There are usually two forms of cushion within the midsole, EVA a lighter weight cushion, and Polyurethane which is a heavier material or cushion. When looking for the best midsole, you want a heavier or dense midsole. The midsole materials are located in the middle section of the shoe.


The upper part of the shoe is located on the outer body of the shoe. Materials in the upper part are made with a mixture of lightweight material called mesh and heavy leather. Both of these materials give stability and comfort for the foot, especially while running or walking. This part of the shoe also provides Achilles’ heel comfort.

The last attribute would be the overall shape of the shoe. This is important as well. Avoid wearing running shoes that are too narrow or have a very small toe box. Make sure you have at least an inch of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe. Make sure there is a heel counter that enforces and stabilizes the heel, and that the Achilles notch has a groove.

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