3 reactions of a girl being asked out on a date

When you ask a girl out for a date then it is extremely crucial that you are prepared with all 3 reactions which you might receive after asking a girl out on a date.

If it is a yes! You’re a lucky guy! Important point to note here is to have a ready-made idea to share; more importantly knowing your schedule well.

If it is a No! Please do not act offended or shocked. Say that its alright. Go on talking casually as if you never asked her out! Being friendly and polite is very important. Very often teens tend to take a no very personally. Remember that girls do not like a negative response. She might start raising interest in you if she realizes that you can brush off the rejection so easily.

If it is some other time! In case she is busy have a second plan in mind. If she still acts too busy then its because she is not interested. So accept it as a rejection and move on. Remember its important to be ready for the best and the worst!

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