3 Card Poker – Is Lady Luck on Your Side?

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The game of 3 card poker is not one that is played often in casinos, and you may be forgiven for not having ever heard of it. However, this does not mean that the game should be dismissed. In fact, it may be one of the most exciting games you ever play at a casino.

In this game, the player must make a bet after which the dealer deals three cards each both to the player and himself. In this game though, the player does not have extra cards from which they can try to get a flush, a straight or even a royal flush. This game involves just the player, the dealer and six cards. If the player folds at this point, he or she forfeits their whole bet, and the hand is over. If they choose to keep playing, they will have to raise their bet, essentially putting more money into the pot to be won.

The dealer then turns over his or her cards and has to qualify. This means that they need at least a queen or higher in their hand or the player has won. The hands are then looked at, and the higher hand is the winner. To some players, this game sounds a little more like high card draw than poker, but in its many variants, the game of poker has so many rules and so many different types, that any game could primarily be classified as poker.

In this game though, the similarity is drawn to Texas Hold ‘Em, with the only difference being that the game does not have a flop or a river, as the game of Hold ‘Em does. In this game, just three cards comprise the whole hand, and while some may argue that this makes the game easier, others may say that the game is more interesting, since it relies more on luck than on player interaction.

If anything, one could say that the game of 3 card poker is one that allows players of all levels to participate, because it is so heavily based on luck, and this may be just what some players have been looking for.

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