22 Signs That You’re The Chandler Bing Of Your Group


Friends is probably the most iconic sitcom from the 90s, with characters that turned into household names. Even 15 years after its last episode, the fanbase remains just as loyal to this day.

Among all of the unique characters of Friends, Chandler Bing is now dubbed as the king of memes, undoubtedly because of all the flares of his character. And he is known to be particularly famous among the millennials (you’re probably one of them too, right?!).

So what makes you a Chandler Bing? As an avid fan of this particular sitcom, you have probably imagined yourself as a part of the show on several occasions (I know I have).

So we have prepared a little something that can tell you which characteristics you share with my most favorite-Chandler Muriel Bing!

1. Default Mood: The Group Clown!

Having a boring night? The clique can count on you to brighten up the night. You don’t even have to put in a lot of effort-it comes to you naturally. Your natural quirk is what makes you unique among your friends.

2. Overthinking Is a Hobby

Surprising you is definitely a difficult task because you think of all the ins and outs of a situation. A question is never a simple question-you start at the surface and ends up in a philosophical debate.

3. Rotten Luck

Sometimes you wonder if the Universe is conspiring against you – or you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But usually things never go your way, and even when you do, you never stop to look over your shoulders.

4. The Dance Floor Isn’t Where you Shine

You don’t know the meaning of ‘bust-a-move’ because from past experience, you know you’re bound to get some stares if you do. But with a few shots in, you can still be confident enough to be at the center of the dance floor.

5. You Can Be Tempted With Food…Very Easily

There’s no denying that we have all been there. But yes, if your friends know you, they know how to get to you.


Your wit is infamous, and your friends are always expecting to come up with a witty one-liner -even when the situation doesn’t call for it. What can you say, you have an exceptional talent for that roast. 

And you are guaranteed never to put that sarcastic sense of humor to rest.

7. You Make Jokes When You’re Uncomfortable

You’re headed into your workplace, and at the entrance, you meet a coworker. Instead of words of greeting like any average person, you’re sure to make a joke or two, leading to an uncomfortable chuckle or worse-silence.

8. You’re Surrounded By Friends Who Adore You

I mean, who can resist that charm and wit right? And at the end of the day, they are just as weird as you, right?

But sometimes you gotta wonder whether they’d be more than happy to sacrifice you to satan for all the embarrassment you’ve caused them.

9. You lack a Little in the Romance Department

It’s not that you don’t try your best, but somehow all your efforts blow up in your face. Maybe it’s because you’re not worthy of love or there is something seriously wrong with you…(and your overthinking begins).

Yep, it’s a sign.

10. Drama Is Your Middle Name

You love drama. Whenever there is a feud, you’re always ready with your popcorn and ready to jump in.

But in reality, it’s probably something super embarrassing.

Yeah, we all have that one pet name that embarrasses us in front of our friends. In your case, your parents chose to make it permanent.

Remember the rotten luck? Just another example.

11. You Love That ‘Fresh Air’

It is a real struggle for you. Sometimes you love to just give in and enjoy a whole packet of fresh air throughout the day. But other days, you really want to quit and lead a healthy life.

But nonetheless, you are in your happy place with your cigarettes.

12. One of Your Best Skills is Impersonating Others

Maybe it’s because of your excellent observation skills, but you are quite good at annoying/surprising people by impersonating them.

13. You’re Headed Towards a Mid-life Crisis

You’re probably stuck in a dead-end job, where you never wanted to be in the first place. Sure you are good at it, but you don’t even know why you are doing it.

So an inevitable mid-life crisis awaits you.

14. A Terrible Terrible Liar

You try to put too much effort into making the lie, and as your brain freezes over details, empty words come out of your mouth-vaguely resembling any sensibly structured sentence.

15. You Repress Your Emotions

YOU LOVE BOTTLING YOUR FEELINGS UP! God forbid if anyone sees the real you, the facade must not be destroyed.

16. You Accept Your Awkward Self

At least you are honest enough with yourself to know who you really are.

17. Your Flirt Game Tends to Backfire

You usually find yourself sitting in an awkward silence after that failed attempt, wishing you could turn back time…

But sometimes, the person finds the humor in your joke, and the awkwardness is spared.

18. The Glass Is Always Half Empty

Your mind is always on auto-pilot when it comes down to assuming the worst in any situation, I guess all the unfortunate past experiences are to blame.

19. You Always Seem To Invite Shenanigans

I think it’s because your natural inclination to drama, life never fails to throw some shenanigans or the other your way. It is sure to invite some entertainment for your friends.

20. You Want To Be Healthy But Too Lazy for Gyms

You would like to think you are very health conscious – all the gym memberships are there to prove that. But the only thing is, you always end up convincing yourself that you’ll definitely start tomorrow!

21. You’re Not Quite Sure You Understand People

I guess that’s why you use humor as a defense mechanism because we all are scared of something we don’t understand. You’re much more comfortable with numbers, to be honest.

22. You Try Your Best To Be There For Your Friends

You do love your friends, in your weird ways and you try your best to be there for them-not expecting too much from them. 

So are you now convinced that you’re indeed the Chandler Bing? But at the end of the day, your circle certainly is incomplete without you. So be proud of your weird self, you are exactly who you were supposed to be.

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