11 Foot Care tips for you!

Another of the pictures that are almost always a part of the album. The feet doused in the waters of the Arabian sea at Malpe.
  1. Wash your feet with water every day. Use anti bacterial soap and scrub with a loofah.
  2. It is important to dry your feet completely with a towel because they leftover moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria that causes bad odor.
  3. Always cut your nails and file them to a suited shape.
  4. Take good care of your cuticles, use cuticle softener and push them back.
  5. Use pumice stone to avoid dry skin.
  6. To relax and relieve tired foot, soak them in warm salt solution.
  7. Massage your feet with a good foot cream and not lotions.
  8. Apply sunscreen to protect your feet in the sun, Use nourishing cream during winters.
  9. Avoid too much contact of feet with water as it dehydrates the skin.
  10. Tight shoes make your feet sweat more than normal. Make sure yours aren’t.
  11. Sun your shoes to keep them bacteria-free.

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