10 things that can go wrong when you hold back!!

What happens when you are holding back way too much!!!!

1. Of course you lose your sanity!

2. Definitely you end up fighting with your heart, conclusion: peace is gone forever n ever( forever n ever! well that was just to give you that fairy tale feeeeellll! Actually speaking! Everything ends eventually :P)

3. Yeah! Bicharey tear glands! They are hyper stimulated!

4. Mind drifts away! Away where??? just away and far away!

Attracting all the wrong things is easier than you think.
Attracting all the wrong things is easier than you think.

5. Thoughts suffer severe blockade!

6. You listen to loud music errr! at least some call it that ( rock lovers! you know what it means!)

7. Eh! you burrrn! and like Rihanna says! Just gonna stand there, watch meeee! BURN! (from with in and some thing else also 😉 )

8. You find absolute NIRVANA(pun-intended) in abandoned places! That is directly proportional to the fact that you hate the crowd!

9. And if a Manipalite! and when i say a Manipalite! You know what that “term” stands for! So definitely you go to “God‘s very own country” errr! errr! Guys! Not Kerala! You know where is this heaven like place in Manipal! Our very own Dee Tee ;D Say cheeezeeee 😀

10. And sabse important baat! Please pay attention!!!
Yeah! The ghosts! The spirits! Well in this case “the good ones” (not angels or for that matter not even guardian angels) . And how they get to play a part in this whole emo—-ish stuff!
Well you get the opportunity to chit-chat with them! Well how??? Well for that you have to shift into a more convenient mode! So your thoughts are open to any sort of ideas!

( Disclaimer: The above mentioned facts are strictly based on real life and reel life experiences!) Has been featured in a Bollywood flick!

Now you know what to hold back and what to throw up!

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