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strategies of hr

Productivity is the reason companies hire human resource managers. The biggest companies want to maintain their winning edge over their competitors, and this can only happen by staff productivity. The onus is, therefore, on the HR manager to find a way to hire the best available work staffs and/or motivate and galvanize the employees to do better.

As a human resource manager, you want to ensure that you keep your company productive by employing the best available staffs and retaining them. It might, however, be tricky to sort out and choose the best possible candidates. It is even trickier to keep your workforce happy and willing to improve to ensure productivity is maintained and improved.

Employee productivity is how big multinational companies like google and apple have kept their competitive edge. In this article, we look at the top 10, strategies that you can employ to make sure that all of your employees feel at home even at work.

  1. Prioritize candidate experience

Positive and outstanding candidate experience can only be good for your company. Candidate experience is a candidate’s first interaction with your organization. The first impression that potential employees get about your company is essential. If it’s bad, it taints your reputation and vice versa. It isn’t usually something candidates recover from easily, and they go on spilling it.

Well-Designed candidate experience will give the candidates an impression that you care about your own people. It’s actually sending out a positive signal to the candidate, new recruits, and even longer serving employees about the importance of people in that organization. It makes the staff feel welcome and motivated, and the candidates also become more willing to become a member of the team.

They’re inspired by this first impression to give their best if they eventually become staff. Even those candidates that you don’t accept will still have good things to say about your organization. Free publicity, right? Like a  custom essay service, make sure they’re impressed by how well you do what you do.

If the experience isn’t right, however, the reverse occurs. They’re lax if they become staff and if they don’t have good news of your organization to preach to others.

  1. Make sure your offboarding process is classy and top-notch

This might not sound right, but it’s beneficial. If you’re going to be successful in recruitment, you must ensure that the offboarding process of your former employees is successful. Your previous staffs don’t have to leave you acrimoniously. How you terminate your staff appointment is essential.

That they’re longer staffs, don’t mean they can’t have a good relationship with the organization. It depends on the offboarding process. Ensure you keep it cool and classy. If necessary, try to call for paper writing service, and make sure the relationship is intact.

Many companies focus on the onboarding process that they forget the offboarding process. But then, just like current staff members can make referrals, past staff can also do the same. But they can only do this based on their personal experience. The former staff that had a good time working with you are even likely to return later better and more improved.

  1. Be clear with your job description

It’s important for you to be very clear and honest when describing the job you’re hiring for. This will help you hire the right candidate, otherwise, you put yourself at a disadvantage. If you’re looking for candidates for a position or job that isn’t so glamorous, you don’t have to make it look glamorous.

It’ll only be a waste of time for people who are deceived into applying when they find out. You’ll also waste productive time interviewing people for a post they aren’t interested in.

Even if you’re able to hire someone, they wouldn’t be happy and motivated on the job. They’ll appear lost and lacking in interest, will be less engaged and will eventually leave at the first sight of a better offer. Be clear like you’re offering a college paper writing service.

  1. Emphasize quality not quantity

An effective recruitment strategy would be to focus on the quality of the candidate rather than the strength of numbers. This is because a top performer is likely to outperform three underwhelming performers together. So recruiting only the best will guarantee that you have people performing at their optimum. It also means that you don’t have to hire a lot of people. Fewer interviews, saving time and less onboarding saving cost. Emphasizing quality in hiring will always pay more dividends in the long run.

  1. Encourage and embrace diversity

When recruiting your team, you must ensure that you’re hinged towards diversity as this offers a major competitive advantage. There are a lot of benefits that your organization stands to enjoy when you have a diverse and inclusive workforce. Due to their differing background, experiences and perspectives, it’s easier for a diverse team to be innovative and develop new ideas. These ideas and innovations might just be what gives your company a competitive edge in the market.

  1. Recognize results and appreciate employee ability

Retaining your employees and getting them to do more starts and ends at appreciating who they are, and what they offer. When there are results based on their approaches and ability, it’s equally important to recognize it and applaud them for it. This goes a long way to bring the best out of them. Employee recognition can also come in the form of inclusion in projects and asking for their opinions and contributions.

If employees have the feeling that their employers will listen and take to their ideas and are open to their contribution, it motivates them to give their best. You can appreciate employees in many other ways including personal time with them, giving them the privilege to represent you or the company or just telling them “thank you.”

  1. Mentorship

Accessibility of employers does a world of good to the employees. It becomes better when the employers and the employees relate on personal levels, teaching and learning from each other. The evolution of technology in the world today have meant that employers and CEOs have taken mentors among millennial to catch up with recent technological trends. The younger millennial also get to learn a lot from the experience of the older ones. This can only bode well for the organization. It fosters interpersonal relationship and improves productivity.

  1. Help your employees evolve professionally

As an HR, it’s your responsibility to see to the professional growth of your employees. You have to provide them with learning opportunities, both formal and informal, through coaching, training and feedback. The opportunity to learn on the job by working with different individuals, and in different teams is something employees also value. This professional evolution helps them to become better professionals, and also a more productive workforce.

Managers should always communicate with their staff on what their next level of development is, what skills to learn and how to improve. This makes them feel included and helps them to become better at their jobs. You should also push them to their limit. Give them duties that improve their capacity. Include them in projects they can learn from, and also demonstrate their unique skill set.

  1. Make your employee value proposition well-known

Your employees should know, in clear terms, what you expect from them and what they also expect to get back in return. When you’re making your employee value proposition, you should put together components like salaries (if you’re offering competitive salaries), benefits you offer (those that are eligible and the type of benefit you offer), work environment, rewards and recognition etc.

This should be well communicated to the staff alongside their job description.

  1. Balance works and funs

This is very important. As much as you create a strict work environment with rules and regulations, you should also try to loosen up once in a while. Allow your employees to have fun while working, you should join the fun too. It helps to create a healthy work environment for all. Many of these employees spend most of their time and life on their careers, in their workplace.

So, it’s important that you make it healthy for them. A too strict workplace can be toxic for some and doesn’t allow them to enjoy their work. It also kills their motivation and drive to do better. You should create a fun and inclusive work environments for your employees.


The job of an HR is to create an atmosphere where every of your employee can perform optimally and improve for the good of the company. This starts with the candidate experience during the recruitment process. And it doesn’t even stop at the offboarding process. These strategies will help you maintain a good atmosphere for productivity.

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