The Sweet Taste of Revenge – Ruchika Kanoi

you  are always welcomed,

welcomed to take a revenge,

for you have all the right,

you do me a harm as well.


you neither get your teeths brushed,

nor even get yourself  a bath

for i waked you up early,

and didnt even give you a bathing tub.


you don’t talk to me for a minute,

and stay freezed during the supper,

for i didnt provide you your favourite snack,

and didnt even make you a cherry cake.


you don’t complete your home-work,

and don’t even write tour writings proper,

for i didn”’t allow you to play outhers,

in this hot sunny weather.


you smile and are very happy inside,

for you think you took me a revenge

but don’t you know I am your mom,

who too enjoy its sweet taste.

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